Rotational Engineer

Utah Department of Transportation

Job Type: Full Time

Engineering Area(s): Civil & Environmental Engineering

Academic Level: Graduates / Alumni (B.S. Degree Required), Senior (Graduating Soon)

Are you a recent graduate or are you within one year of graduating from a Civil Engineering program? Are you looking for an opportunity to learn different areas of transportation engineering? If so, the Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT) Engineering Rotational Program is for you. This is a four-year program for non-licensed engineers with limited engineering experience. You will learn engineering principles in a variety of areas including design, materials, hydraulics, planning, right-of-way, structures, traffic, construction, etc. You will then learn how to apply the knowledge and techniques of advanced mathematics and engineering to the planning, designing, development, and construction of transportation projects.

Principal Duties

As a Rotational Engineer, you will:
Participate in a variety of activities including feasibility, materials, research, design, concept and scoping, environmental, safety, specifications, schedules, revisions in the process of designing and developing engineering projects.
Participate in the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of facilities.
Monitor and evaluate contract/contractor performance to ensure compliance with contract; recommend action(s) to correct deficiencies.
Design, develop, and conduct a variety of research projects; determine appropriate methodologies, information sources, sampling strategies, and data-collection tools, etc.
Collect data and review research materials, determine accuracy and validity of sources and appropriateness for use.
Prepare engineering and design documents using computer assisted engineering and design software and equipment.
Write or draft technical reports, articles or related material based on research, investigation or analysis.

The Ideal Candidate

This position will be filled as either an Engineer I or Engineer II based on the criteria listed below. The hourly rate for the Engineer I is $30.38 and the hourly rate for the Engineer II is $34.03.
The best candidate for the Engineer I level will have:
A Bachelor’s degree, or higher, in a Civil Engineering or related engineering discipline.
Proof of passing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE).
The best candidate for the Engineer II level will have:
A bachelor’s degree, or higher, in Civil Engineering or a related engineering discipline.
Proof of passing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE).
At least two years of post-graduate engineering experience.

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