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In its April 2017 report, the Milken Institute ranked the University of Utah No. 1 among U.S. institutions of higher education in technology transfer and commercialization, based on an index that included patents, licenses, licensing income and start-ups. In a field that includes such institutions as Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT, what makes Utah so distinctive?

An entrepreneurial spirit that dates back to its pioneering founders is embedded in the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering’s DNA. With a desire to put new ideas into practical use for the benefit of humanity, our faculty have created an environment in which translational research is both fostered and rewarded. Success in technology commercialization at the U isn’t new. For more than 120 years, University of Utah engineers and computer scientists have been first in leading our nation’s strategic defense; in the development of artificial organs, neural prosthetics, and molecular diagnostics; and in pioneering the internet, digital sound, LED’s, and computer graphics.

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