Petitions for Consideration of Exception to Policy

This information only applies to Price College of Engineering students. If your major is not a part of the PCE program, please visit this website to find your point of contact for the petitioning process.

Are you seeking to:

  • Withdraw from class(es) past the withdrawal deadline for a current or previous term*
  • Elect or Revoke CR/NC*
  • Add class(es) for a past term
  • Change credit hours for a past term
  • Section Change for a past term
  • Change a cross-listed course for a past term

*The University provides processes for students who have a non-academic, well-documented emergency such as illness, military leave, family emergencies, etc that has interfered with their ability to complete classes. These processes are outlined in the Student Handbook.

Please realize that withdrawals can affect and perhaps jeopardize other areas of your academic life such as Financial Aid, Scholarships, VA Benefits, Grants, Loans, Visa Status and Residential living contracts. Should any of these instances apply to you, we encourage you to contact these offices to discuss any potential ramifications of your petition request.

Next Steps
Step 1: Meet with your academic advisor.
If you have not already, please discuss with your academic advisor your plans for petitioning.
Step 2: Email to set up an appointment to discuss your next steps.

What to Expect
During your first meeting, you will meet with a Price College of Engineering Petitions Committee Advisor. This meeting is designed to assist you in navigating the petitions process. You are not required to bring any supporting documents (i.e, doctor’s note, emails, etc). However, if you have supporting documents you would like to be reviewed, please feel free to bring them.

Title IX Mandatory Reporting
COE Petitions Committee Advisors are mandatory reporters. Information disclosed related to Title IX concerns are required to be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action per University policy. We recognize some may have the need to speak confidentially. Students who wish to speak confidentially may reach out to a Victim Survivor Advocate, the University Counseling Center and/or the Women’s Resource Center.

Contact with questions about the petition process.