The John and Marcia Price College of Engineering Living and Learning Communities

These communities offer residents the opportunity to live amongst other students in the Price College of Engineering who share academic and career goals.

Students will appreciate the benefit of living in a community that fosters academic excellence within the rigorous engineering curriculum. Resident Advisors are also engineering students and serve as mentors, providing academic leadership and guidance to the residents. In addition, residents will have a connection to the PCE Dean’s Office.

Study sessions and tutoring will help ensure your academic success, while interaction with engineering faculty, staff and alumni will further your professional development. Preference in resident selection will be given to high-achieving, engineering students.

Engineering Housing Options

Application Instructions:

  1. To apply for the Engineering Floor, go to
  2. In the application, select the Living and Learning housing option.
  3. In the “Living and Learning Floor” section, select the Engineering Floor as your #1 choice.
  4. The Price College of Engineering will receive your application to live in our living and learning community.

Housing Deadlines and Process


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