Communication, Leadership, Ethics and Research (CLEAR)

Welcome to the CLEAR Program in the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering.

The CLEAR Program at the University of Utah’s Price College of Engineering prepares engineering undergraduates for success in their careers through improving their oral and written communication, teamwork skills and ethical understanding.

Whether our graduates go on to excel in academia, industry or government agencies, writing and communication play a crucial role in each engineer’s day-to-day responsibilities.

By working with our engineering faculty, CLEAR instructors develop speaking and writing assignments, teach technical writing and communication lessons in the classroom, provide feedback to students and consult on best practices for speaking, writing and teamwork.

Our program is unique and innovative due to the emphasis placed on communication, teamwork, and ethics, the integrated nature of the professional skills instruction, and the situated, developmental approach to teaching and learning.

The CLEAR program reaches more than 1,000 students across six departments in the College each year. Through continual exposure to writing, communication, teamwork and ethics, our graduates are better prepared to join the engineering workforce and contribute to society.