Engineering Student Organizations Directory

Engineering students are invited to participate in engineering-related clubs and professional organizations at the University of Utah. They provide opportunities for leadership, friendship, social networking, and professional networking.

For inquiries about engineering student organizations, please contact Abby Harris.

*These clubs are found at the university but are not sponsored by the university.*


ASUU: Student organizations can apply for funding from the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU).

PCE: To apply for John and Marcia Price College of Engineering student group reimbursement funds:

ASUU Funding Video:

Benefits for Engineering Club Participation:

Networking Opportunities

Build and foster relationships with others that are mutually beneficial for you and those in your network.

Leadership Possibilities

Practice your leadership skills while getting the feedback necessary to sharpen and grow your abilities.

Resume Building

Craft and include your engineering club experiences, projects and leadership skills into your resume

More Student Engagement

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Campus Community Opportunities

Beyond student organizations, check out these other opportunities to engage with our campus community: