PCE Scholars Programs

Scholars’ programs offer a wealth of benefits beyond the typical college experience, and joining a scholar’s program can be a game-changer for your academic journey.

These programs provide a community of high-achieving peers who will push you to excel academically and personally. You will have access to research opportunities, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and collaboration with faculty and peers within the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering.

By joining a scholar’s program, you will not only graduate with a strong academic foundation but also gain valuable leadership skills, hands-on experience, and build a network of lifelong connections. Joining a scholar’s program isn’t just about checking a box on your resume; it is an investment in your future. Being a part of a scholar’s program will not only boost your academic profile, but it will also empower you to become a leader and well-rounded individual, prepared to excel and make a real impact in your chosen engineering field. In essence, joining a scholar’s program isn’t just about academic enrichment; it’s about building a bridge to your future career. It’s an investment in your professional network, practical experience, and overall marketability, making you a well-equipped and well-connected candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

Engineering Scholars Program

The Engineering Scholars program is a cohort of top-performing, directly-admitted students who will participate in exciting, unique, and hands-on experiences and opportunities.

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Grand Challenge Scholars Program

The PCE Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) is an education model to prepare our engineering students to be the world’s new innovators.

While participating in this program, students will build a portfolio throughout their undergraduate experience in any of 14 areas, known as the Grand Challenges established by the NAE for the 21st Century. These are all areas bound by social issues that require innovative technology to solve our most pressing global problems.

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Aerospace Scholars Program

The Universtiy of Utah has teamed with Hill AFB to establish the Aerospace Scholars Program, which will provide 50 internship opportunities with corresponding scholarships.

The program kicks off in summer 2024 with applications open starting winter 2023.

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