Engineering General Education Exception Form

Please note, this form is for students who are either either pre- or full major status in the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering. Students who are not a part of PCE, should contact their major advisor or the Academic Advising Center.

To fill out the general education exceptions form, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter your 8-digit Student ID. Note, your Student ID is not your uNID. Your uNID is a derivative of the Student ID with a “u” replacing the first digit. Your Student ID is listed on your UCard.
  2. In the fields provided, enter the name of the course (e.g. Psych 1010 or POLS 3950) and the College/University (e.g. University of Colorado) that administered it.
  3. Select the General Education code that matches the requirement you want this course to satisfy.
  4. Provide a concise (1-2 paragraph) description of the course.
  5. Attach a concise, but compelling argument that includes the following:
    1. An explanation of how the appealed course fulfills the criteria for the requirement.
    2. U of U courses only: an explanation, in specific terms, of how your circumstances uniquely qualify you for this exception to the University’s policy.
  6. Attach the course syllabus.
  7. Attach your Degree Audit Report. Save and submit in PDF or other digital format.
  8. If you are a second Bachelor’s degree student, please upload an unofficial or official transcript from the transfer institution which shows course and grade.

We will communicate our decision with you by e-mail using your uMail address. Please note, this process can take up to 4 weeks.

General Education Exception Form

Gen Ed Exception Form
Are you a 2nd bachelor’s degree student?
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
Please note, this is not a requirement. However, a syllabus can help strengthen your case for an exception.
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
Attach a Personal Statement that includes an explanation of how the appealed course fulfills the criteria for the requirement. If the course was completed at the University of Utah, please also explain how your circumstances qualify you for this exemption to the University's policy. (max size 208 MB)
Maximum upload size: 209.72MB
Attach a transcript if courses were completed at another institution. Second bachelor seeking students should always attach a transcript.