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Last March, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers presented the University of Utah with the prestigious IEEE Milestone, recognizing the U’s foundational contributions to computer graphics some 50 years ago. To honor the occasion, computer science graduates from the ‘60s and ‘70s who went on to become the “who’s who” of computing, returned to campus for a once-in-a-century reunion and symposium.

The same spirit of discovery that led to such a unique era continues to propel faculty today to ever greater heights of achievement. From the seven young faculty who received 2022 NSF Early Career Development Awards, to the spin-off of 100 faculty–research based companies since 2006, the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering consistently ranks in the top 40 of U.S. universities in annual research expenditures with more than $100M/year.

Utah’s most respected engineering and computer science program inspired two of the nation’s leading philanthropists to secure the future of the college with transformational gifts. Building on the U’s national reputation in computing, the Kahlert Foundation made a historic $15M commitment last November to name the School of Computing.

Then, in January 2023, American diplomat and business leader John Price and his wife Marcia presented the University of Utah with a $50M gift to name the College of Engineering. Included in the gift was $17.5M designated for a new 250,000 square-foot computing and engineering building. Groundbreaking is scheduled for next May.

These developments undoubtedly influenced the 2023 Utah State Legislature’s decision to provide $118M to support the building’s construction. To date, this is the largest capital appropriation in the university’s history, and it underpins the importance of engineering and computer science to the state’s economy. In 2020, the contribution to Utah’s gross domestic product was $25B.

While it’s important to look back and celebrate the achievements of the past, it’s even more exciting to contemplate the possibilities of the future. Looking forward, the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering has reached another inflection point and will continue to advance among research engineering and computing programs in the nation.

Richard B. Brown

Dean, John and Marcia Price College of Engineering at the University of Utah
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