Breaking Ground on theJohn and Marcia Price Computing and Engineering Building

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Biomedical Engineering

A rich interdisciplinary department comprising science, engineering and medicine. We develop technologies in synthetic biology, medical imaging, biomaterials, biomechanics, drug delivery, neural interfaces, computational bioengineering, tissue engineering and other specialty areas.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering education based on a hands-on curriculum and innovative research in chemical processes, energy and environment, medicine and multi-scale simulations prepares students to create life-changing solutions.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Our graduates create all aspects of smart cities and communities, from daily water needs, transportation, protecting our future environmentally, creating sustainable infrastructures, building resilient structures and improving life as we know it.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

We make advances using electrical signals and electron and nano-electromechanical devices to improve energy efficiency in power systems, connect people through wireless and wired communications, and develop novel sensors and interfaces for medical technologies.

Materials Science & Engineering

Providing an integrated discipline of chemistry, physics and engineering. We are engaged in developing new materials or upgrading the use of basic materials that will fit our highly technological world.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is about controlling the movement of matter and energy. If it rolls, flies, flows or produces sound, a mechanical engineer has probably had a hand in designing it.

Kahlert School of Computing

The Kahlert School of Computing conducts research and has developed a top-tiered computer science curriculum to prepare graduates to perform at the highest level in industry and academics while adapting to the ever-evolving world of software and computing.

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