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Rich Brown

Dean Brown provides leadership to the College in strategic planning, administration, academic programs, faculty career development, and external relationships. He works closely with the department chairs and college staff on development, outreach and public relations.

Sneha Kasera

Sneha develops, administers, and promotes student programs and support functions within the College. He manages outreach and diversity staff to define and meet College goals for recruiting and retention. He coordinates the development, changes, and reviews of academic programs internally for the College and with external accreditors. Sneha oversees policies, planning, and implementation of the continuing development of majors, minors, and academic programs within the College.

Kevin Whitty

Kevin is responsible for administration of the research enterprise of the college, including e-proposals, F&A reduction and cost-share requests, etc. He is also responsible for departmental BEEF awards, the Honors program, College graduate fellowships, and co-chairs the University Seed Grant program. He works with the Dean on Retention, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) reviews, faculty mentoring and publicity efforts. Kevin is also responsible for facilitating collaborative research efforts between faculty members from different departments and colleges across campus.

Pedro Romero

Michael Kay

Michael assists the deans, chairs and staff administrators, faculty and other groups both in and outside the college with matters involving college financial resources, budgeting and reporting. He facilitates and represents the college interests and directly assists the chairs and other administrators in allocations of space, development of facilities (lab renovations and major building projects), as well as insuring that building and financial issues are addressed appropriately. He works with of the college accounting and facilities staff to provide high levels of service in support of college programs and personnel. He is a member of the College Executive Committee and the campus Budget Officers Professional Peer group. Having joined the college in early 1985, he is a source of college institutional memory.

Monica Heaton

Monica oversees College of Engineering activities related to retention, promotion, and tenure (RPT), scholarships, convocation, and payroll.

Steven Dean

Steven manages computer labs, IT staff, and facilities while overseeing operations and strategic planning for the college’s IT infrastructure.

Josh Grant

Josh provides oversight of the College Development program including activities related to fundraising, legislative, corporate and alumni relations. His responsibilities include management of the external boards, capital and principal gift fund raising, and oversight of development operations for the college.

Matt Gauthier

This position designs and codes custom web-deployed software to keep the College and its constituent departments organized and efficient. He oversees digital communications including: website design and creation, digital content, email campaigns, social media. Finally, he teaches users within departments and other units to use deployed software packages and to maintain their own web presence.

Morgan Boyack

Morgan supports diversity and outreach activities in the College of Engineering by advising student clubs, including Student Leadership Council, Engineers without Borders, Tau Beta Pi, and Society for Hispanic Student Engineers, among others. Morgan helps coordinate Club Rush, Engineering Day, Exploring Engineering Camp, Meet an Inventor Night, Meets with prospective students and the living learning communities for the College of Engineering. He also works on recruiting efforts and retention programs that support STEM education for under-represented student populations through MESA programming.

Tina Bradford

Tina provides administrative support to the Dean including scheduling appointments and managing the national surveys for the College of Engineering.

Tyler Bramble

Stewart Brock

Stewart is a network administrator and Apple technology specialist.

Mark Brown

Mark works on special projects in facilities.

Peter Brown

Peter works on special projects in facilities.

Ian Bunker

Jordyn Butcherite

Joseph Corbell

Alexi Crabb (She/Her)

Mark Draper

Mark produces, shoots, and edits a wide array of informational and promotional videos for the College of Engineering. He also assists other members of the communications team with photography and writing projects.

Andrew Elkins

Andrew assists the Assistant Dean in representing college and department interests related to office, lab and other renovation projects, as well as providing support related to major building projects; provides expert and direct input regarding the development and management of these projects, including day-to-day involvement in meetings and providing other needed support to ensure projects are delivered on time and within reasonable budgets; maintains current maps of buildings where Engineering is assigned space, including current department space assignments, location of critical pathways and utilities, and location of emergency showers and other life safety equipment; provides copies for administrators and others and maintains display in building wayfinding locations. He also fills the role of College Safety Officer and works with the College Safety Committee to ensure our people, buildings and labs are safe and supports the committee’s efforts by providing updated maps and other important data related to our physical facilities.

Jiabao Gao (He/Him/His)

Benjamin Harpster (He/Him)

Abby Harris

Bobbie Harris

Bobbie assists faculty and staff of the college and departments with matters involving financial, budgeting, and payroll through research and error resolution. She represents the college with University BPAC committee. She reviews and reports changes to the University’s financial policies and procedures. Bobbie also assists faculty with proposal submissions and post-award issues.

Dan Hixson

Dan builds layouts, graphics, and communication pieces that effectively communicate the College’s goals to a variety of audiences. He supports the creation of these pieces with creative work in photography, design, and publishing.

Heather Hucks

Rebecca Jacobs

Becca assists the Assistant Dean, deans, chairs, faculty, and staff with college financial resources, budgeting, and reporting. She provides support to the college through regulatory expertise, reporting knowledge, audits, and advice on best practices. Her approach is rooted in a service mindset, where understanding the unique needs of each Department leads to resources, training programs, and optimized practices that address the varied needs of the college.

Jennifer Kilcrease

Jennifer assists the college with financial activities and provides guidance on the implementation of University financial policies and procedures. She has a B.S. in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration. In addition, she has worked for twenty years in the accounting field for for-profit institutions, non-profit institutions, and financial management environments.

Matt Kitterer

Matt provides support in building donor relations with alumni, corporate and foundation partners, and other individuals engaged with the advancement of the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering.

Evan Lerner

Drawing on his background in science journalism and media relations, Evan’s approach incorporates the elements of narrative story structure to help audiences understand complex topics. Evan holds an M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and previously served as the Director of Communications for the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. He also works as an associate instructor in the CLEAR Program.

Kristin Madden

Kristin assists faculty and staff of the college and departments with financial and budgeting activities. She prepares activity and special reports across the college and for USTAR. She assists faculty with proposal submissions. She also spends a portion of her time supporting accounting functions in the Chemical Engineering department.

Phoebe Marsh

Phoebe provides administrative support to the Dean’s Office, including our Outreach and Academic Affairs Teams.

Chris Miller

Chris creates and maintains websites for College of Engineering departments, student clubs, faculty, research groups, and more. He also manages the COE Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote our academic mission.

Mark Ogden

Mark supports various projects and ongoing support for information technology infrastructure.

Kristy Parry

Kristy manages all operational support for development activities in the College, including: coordinating logistics for external relations events, managing the production of donor reports and other college mailings, maintaining the database for tens of thousands of alumni and donors, managing donor stewardship, and processing monthly reports on behalf of the college.

John Pickering

John manages the Engman Lab and administrates NT systems.

Dawn Porter

Dawn assists faculty within the COE in strategizing and competing for large (>1M/yr) center initiatives from NSF, DOE, DOD, EPA, etc. She prepares budgets assists with cost share, works with subcontractors to obtain required documentation, prepares mentoring and education plans, management plans, milestone charts, technical editing, and assists with site visits and requests for additional information.

Doug Ressler

Doug administrates NT systems and provides desktop support to faculty and staff.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Amirmasood Sheidayi

Jason Smith

Jason administrates NT systems and provides desktop support to faculty and staff.

BJ Warner

BJ works with EHS to provide COE members with safety consultation and review of existing or proposed operations with respect to health and safety, and to assist PIs and lab members in addressing compliance questions, safety issues, and concerns. She works with PIs and lab members to evaluate workplace health and safety processes, recommend improvements, assist with preparing for inspections, and address corrective actions.

Matt Wright

Matt administrates NT systems and provides desktop support to faculty and staff.

Zane Zak

Zane manages the Linux systems.