Mission Statement

To prepare students for leadership positions and professional practice in academia, industry and government; to improve the productivity, health, safety and enjoyment of human life through leading-edge research; and to stimulate and grow the economy by providing qualified engineering professionals and by transferring the technologies developed in the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering research to the private sector.

College Rankings

The latest report by the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) ranks the University of Utah’s John and Marcia Price College of Engineering 61st of 327 schools in the size of our undergraduate enrollment. ASEE also ranks Utah Engineering:

    • 40th in research expenditures
    • 31st in engineering doctoral degrees awarded
    • 35th in tenured/tenure-track faculty members
    • 35th in undergraduate enrollment
    • 46th in graduate enrollment


In 2023, the Price College of Engineering once again set an annual record for the number of engineering degrees it has awarded:

  • B.S.: 830
  • M.S.: 385
  • Ph.D.: 106
  • Total: 1321


In 2023, the Price College of Engineering set a new high-water mark with 226 tenure-track faculty members, reflecting our commitment to a growing student body.


Research has always been a foundation of the Price College of Engineering’s mission. With more than $106 million in engineering-related research funding in 2022 (including sub-awards), we are investing in innovation.