Among the defining chapters in the 128-year history of engineering at the University of Utah, 2022 stands out as a seminal year.

In just 12 months, 2022 recorded two of the largest gifts in the history of the university; the addition of nearly $2.3 million in a targeted state appropriation; the signing of two major educational partnership agreements; the successful completion of three departmental renovation projects; a major overhall of the historic Merrill Engineering Building; and pre-construction planning and design for a new 252,000 square foot computing and engineering building.

Powering these developments was the unprecedented philanthropy of the Kahlert Foundation and the John and Marcia Price Family Foundation, whose naming gifts for the School of Computing, the Price Computing and Engineering Building and the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering have caused an inflection point in the college’s ascent and the growth of Utah’s technology sector.

In addition to these historic gifts, the college received millions in support for the Stephen C. and Lynda M. Jacobsen Tower (Mechanical Engineering Phase III Kennecott Rio Tinto addition); the Alan Layton Civil Engineering Lab Building (HEDCO Building renovation); and the Meldrum Process Technology Lab (Chemical Engineering “junior lab”).

These major gifts will fortify the tradition of excellence that was built over more than a century through sustaining donations from caring individuals like you. Through your generosity, engagement, and volunteerism, you have helped us to reach this inflection point.


Richard B. Brown
H. E. Thomas Presidential Endowed Dean
University of Utah John and Marcia Price College of Engineering