Engineering a Strong Economy

For 125 years, John and Marcia Price College of Engineering graduates have been overcoming the world’s challenges by inventing new technologies and forging new ground. Their pioneering advances have created the very foundation upon which much of today’s technology is built. Within the ranks of our students today are the pioneers and innovators of tomorrow. Each new class of engineering and computer science graduates represents the human capital we need to help the economy recover and create solutions to the problems of the future.

“Whether you support scholarships, programs or capital improvements, or volunteer your time, you are helping us to transform the future.”      Richard B. Brown, Dean

Growing for the Future

This year, the College awarded more than 1,184 engineering and computer science degrees compared with 674 just 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the academic readiness of our entering students, measured by high school GPA and ACT scores, has steadily risen. Price College of Engineering graduates are a magnet for Utah’s high-tech companies and their 86,000 tech-related jobs. We can meet Utah’s demand for graduates who can compete and lead anywhere in the nation. More students than ever are choosing engineering and computer science majors, boosting enrollment to more than 5,744. To accommodate more students, with your help, we’re adding course sections and labs, strengthening academic advising, and hiring more faculty.



Matching Scholarship Challenge

We invite you to take advantage of the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering matching scholarship program. Last year’s challenge generated more than $1.57 million. All scholarship donations of $1,000 are matched dollar-for-dollar, and corporate matching gift programs can be used for additional leverage. Scholarships may be awarded in your name, or the name of someone you wish to honor. Adding your name to a scholarship tells students that they are receiving support from someone who was once just like them — with the same hopes, dreams and challenges. And, it creates a culture of giving that will inspire them to give back in their turn. This way, your donation keeps on giving long into the future.