The Industry Advisory Board includes technical leaders from Utah’s major employers of engineering and computer science graduates. The IAB meets five times during the academic year and advises the dean on curricula, degree offerings and workforce demands. IAB members have been extremely effective in presenting the legislative case in support of the Engineering Initiative.

Members of the Board

John C. Sutherland - Chair

Linda Bachmeier

Ragula Bhaskar

John Bowers

Vance Checketts

Tony Curtis

Rob Galloway

Michael Gill

J. Jeffrey Gunn

Kenneth Hellewell

Brent E. Higgs

Arnis Judzis

Kristiane Koontz

Kurt Kottke

Stan Lockhart

Vanessa Machin Perez

Paul Mayfield

Dan Morales

Ken Muir

Ryan Packer

Jeff Pinkston

Andrew Radford

Mike Robinette

Pete Singh

Randal R. Sylvester

Chelsey Thompson

Mike Warner

Ex Officio Members

Matt Kitterer

Rich Brown

Josh Grant