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We have many ways that you can help us get Utah's students excited about engineering. To volunteer to help us, please fill out the registration form below and we will contact you with more information about volunteering.

Register as a Volunteer

All Volunteer opportunities with the College of Engineering are subject to comply with the University of Utah Minors Policy. This may include background checks, training, and / or other necessary tasks. For more information please visit here.

Host an industrial tour

Introduce your company to students by inviting them to tour the work-site. Teach students about the variety of jobs in your engineering work environment while you make them aware of your company and industry as a whole.

Sponsor a student research project

Provide and fund a real-world engineering project to give students a rewarding experience that both fulfills graduation requirements and prepares students for their first job.

Alumni/Student Dinners

Each semester, the College of Engineering hosts an alumni/student dinner where students can meet alumni engineers in a comfortable social setting to get educational advice, to discuss potential career paths, and to network. Alumni volunteers and company financial support are vital to the success of these dinners.

Volunteer Roles

K-12 Engineering Presentations

Share your story with K-12 students. We are working with the Utah State Office of Education to create curriculum-based presentations that are designed to get students excited about science, math, and engineering. These presentations are available to K-12 classrooms across the state. From our schedule of available schools and dates, you choose the school and age group. Each presentation takes approximately 35-45 minutes.


We ask that you agree to one or two presentations per year-but more are encouraged.

On Campus Programs

We host a number of on-campus programs for recruitment and outreach purposes. We need volunteers to help with Elementary Engineering Week (Early Spring), Hi-GEAR girls camp (June), Exploring Engineering Camp (June), College of Engineering Day (November).


Varies depending on the event.

Contact your Child's School

Help us meet with administrators and teachers at your child’s school. Get the word out by informing your child’s teachers and administrators of the resources available to them through the College of Engineering. If interested, you may choose to give a presentation in your child’s classroom. We are not limited to a certain age group or school. Any K-12 school in Utah is eligible. Your help in this effort would be one of the best ways to get involved.


This requires a meeting during parent-teacher conferences or with the principal at your child’s school.

Support Current Engineering Students

Current engineering students want to know about your career and how you chose the type of engineering you do. One way to get involved is working with our clubs on their different events throughout the semester. For example, the Society of Women Engineers Student Chapter at the University of Utah holds an Evening with Industry during the Fall semester to give students the opportunity to have dinner with an industry professional. In addition, the Tau Beta Pi Student Chapter at the U holds a networking event to connect engineering students with professionals working in industry. These events give students a wonderful opportunity to ask questions about job specifications, graduate school recommendations, and how to network.


Varies depending on the event.

Connect College Students to Your Workplace

Show our current engineering students what you do. Host our students at your workplace by providing internships, allowing students to ‘shadow’ you, or giving tours of your work facility. Our students are eager to see how their education will translate into a career. Many students are unsure how to choose a career path-or even about the many career paths available.


Host as many students as you like.

Career Days

Give a talk about what you do for a living during Career Day at a K-12 school in Utah. Many students would love to learn about your job. Tell students what you do each day and how they can prepare for college by taking the right classes in high school.



Tutoring and Mentoring

We invite you to tutor students in math and science at our partner schools. We also invite you to mentor students on research projects and on choosing their career paths.

University of Utah students: Help students explore different areas of engineering. Show them how to navigate their way through the University of Utah as engineering majors, and then ultimately how to find jobs as they approach graduation.


Set your own schedule. Some schools may consider a weekly or bi-weekly arrangement.

Spread the Word

Tell your colleagues what the College of Engineering is doing. If your colleagues graduated from the University of Utah, encourage them to join the Engineering Alumni Association.

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