USDA Forest Service

Civil Engineer

Job Type: Full Time

Engineering Area(s): Civil & Environmental Engineering

Academic Level: Graduates / Alumni (B.S. Degree Required), Senior (Graduating Soon)


The responsibilities listed below are at the full performance GS-09 level.
Plan and conduct civil engineering projects according to specific objectives.
Conduct location surveys for roads, bridges and trails after route and control point selection by a senior engineer.
Conduct field surveys, topographic maps and specific locations for items such as water distribution systems, wastewater treatment systems, parking area, campsites, and other minor structures.
Prepare design criteria for smaller or less complex portions of conventional roads, facilities, utility systems, or structures.
Conduct inspections to evaluate the conditions of facilities and structures.
Participate in field surveys/investigations of existing facilities and utility systems to ensure that maintenance and repair schedules and procedures conform to safety, health and regulatory requirements.
Interpret agency policy and contracts for contractor in order to resolve problems relating to plans, specifications, and materials.
Perform all associated duties involved in the contract administration duties for an entire project of limited size or complexity or a minor part of a large project.
Interpret safety regulations, promote overall safe working conditions and assure that safe practices are followed during projects

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