Develop Drawings and Prototypes for the “SVM”, a Novel Product for Skiers and Snowboarders

Bryan Luftglass on behalf of SVM

Job Type: Short Term Contract

Engineering Area(s): Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Academic Level: Graduates / Alumni (B.S. Degree Required), Senior (Graduating Soon), Junior, Sophomore, Freshman

I am seeking paid help to develop CAD drawings and prototypes for a new product; I have applied for a patent for this. This non-confidential description will be followed up with full disclosures upon the recipient expressing interest in assisting in this effort and by signing an NDA. My background is as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur developing technologies and new products, as well as launching businesses and evaluating opportunities, primarily in the B2B space for energy, fuels and environmental solutions. This new endeavor would be a consumer product (B2C) for the ski and snowboard industry. It is a product that is designed specifically to improve safety for snow-sport enthusiasts.

Main aspects of the prototype needed are:
1. It consists of three pieces that are connected together to form the finished product.
2. These pieces are each no larger than 6” in any dimension.
3. The pieces are quite intricate especially to allow for threading them together, so close tolerances are required. The first prototype’s threading was applied manually.
4. 3D printing is the preferred method of prototype manufacturing. (Full-scale manufacturing might involve injection molding.)
5. The pieces will be constructed of rigid but modestly pliable polymers, e.g., polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon or others. Material selection would be part of the development effort.

I have had first (V1) prototypes made and drawings (using Onshape from PTC) have been made for a V2 prototype by a student at Lassonde Institute, so transitioning to someone at the U who can liaise with Lassonde and the prior student assistant is a plus. I am seeking a quick turnaround of the next prototypes and additional help with drawings and prototyping to maintain momentum for commercialization. I am located in the Salt Lake area. We think this will be an exciting and highly-successful product and this project effort will be interesting, stimulating and rewarding. A longer-term relationship is an option.

If interested, please contact:

Bryan Luftglass

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