Materials Science & Engineering Award Recipients

Oblad Medal of Excellence Award

Tanner Livingston; MET-E

"It really does "take a village" to earn one's degree, and I recognize all of the support I have received. Thank you, again, Oblad family for this amazing honor."

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Levi Gardner; MET-E

"To my professors, administrators, and fellow students, thank you for making my graduate training such an enriching experience."

Outstanding Seniors

Matthew Mardel; MSE

"I wish success for all the graduating seniors this year. I can't wait to see what we will accomplish."

Jared Murray; MET-E

Outstanding Juniors

Matthew Hunter; MSE

"It's been incredibly helpful having a team of talented and intelligent faculty devoting their time and careers by instructing and shaping my future as a professional engineer."

Jerry Howard; MET-E

“I have learned so much in this department and have been blessed to have some amazing mentors.”

Outstanding Sophomores

Emma Felling; MSE

Ethan Rose; MET-E

Outstanding Freshmen

Kitsel Lusted; MSE

"I am so grateful to receive this award. MSE has opened up a whole new world of science and amazing possibilities for me. I feel like I’m riding on a magic carpet!"

Nicholas Engstrom; MET-E

"I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my professors and the learning environments that smaller class sizes have allowed."

Honorary Students

Graduating Students

Student Farewells

Curtis Session, MS

I greatly enjoyed my time here at the U and am beyond grateful for all of the support I've received throughout my time here. I'm definitely going to miss being on campus every day.

Alexander James Hesketh, MS

After 6 years at the U, I am going to miss it. Thank you to all of the Professors and friends that have helped me along the way. Thank you to my family for all of the support along the way.

Jason Nance, MS

"Good morning, and in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

Manish Sukhdeo Wasnik, PhD

I would like to thank Prof. Michael Simpson for his continuous guidance throughout my Ph.D., my lab colleagues, for their support and help. I wish everyone a huge success in their career path. I would like to thank my wife, my parents, and my siblings, for their encouragement.

Zongliang Zhang, PhD

Four years' of study is like a blink of an eye. Graduation is not only an end of a period but also the commencement of a new era of our lives. I will miss everything here at this university.

Danielle Noelle Beatty, BS/MS

Congrats everyone - we did it! On to the next adventure!

Jackson Hendry, BS

Thanks to everyone for helping me drag my feet through way too many years of college. I'm beyond excited to be finished!

Chao Zhang, PhD

I'd like to thank my wife Li, Prof. M. F. Simpson, Dr. Devin Rappleye, the amazing metallurgical engineering office, and so many others for this accomplishment.

Haruka Kimura Pinegar, PhD

I'm grateful that I was given many opportunities to brush up myself during the PhD program. I’m glad I met many new friends and pursued our goal together. I wish everyone well and great success in their future endeavors!

Elise Sika Dorothee Buki, BS

Do not underestimate yourself: hard work pays off. However, do not overestimate yourself either! Learn to recognize the signs of burnout and be honest with yourself. If you are struggling with a course, make sure to surround yourself with classmates that will help you get…

Taylor James Smith, MS

Amber Barron, BS/MS

So grateful for the amazing Materials Science and Engineering Department! The professors, students, and researchers are outstanding and made it possible to have my dream job designing sustainable materials right out of college.

Aurielle Rose Bauer, BS

I am grateful for everyone in my life that has given me the love and support in my journey to find an area of study I am passionate about. Now’s the time to do great things.

Thomas Edward Shober, BS

Thanks for all the support and hard work to everyone who helped get me here! I will always be grateful to the Materials Science Department faculty and staff.

Guner Erunsal, BS

As I am about to graduate as a materials engineer, I thank you all for being such a supportive faculty, staff and classmates to me. Congratulations and best wishes for all!

Richard Andrew Laroche, PhD

While I've been here, I've made friendships that'll last a lifetime. It's been amazing at the U, and I'd like to thank my family, partners, friends, advisors, and mentors for their help and support over the years. Goodbye everyone, and good luck.

Kayla Katrina Mumford, BS

Ike Simmons, BS

I've had an unforgettable time in the MSE department and will always cherish my time at the U. Thanks to all my wonderful professors and classmates who have been instrumental in making it such an enjoyable experience. Best of luck to you all

Tanner Campbell Livingston, BS

It has been an incredible journey learning from and with so many of you who I can call my friends. I hope that going forward we can continue to learn and grow, and that you can impact the world the way you have impacted me!

Olivia Dale, BS

Wishing you all the best from the top of Alta!

Stuart J Motta, BS

After years of hard work, it is hard to believe that graduation is already here. I would like to thank my family and friends for their never ending support, as I could not have achieved this without them.

Levi Gardner, PhD

To my professors, administrators, and fellow students, thank you for making my graduate training such an enriching experience.

Robert A Underwood, BS

Full College of Engineering Commencement Program

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