Who is an Engineering Scholar?

An engineering scholar has demonstrated high academic achievement and will change the world through engineering, innovation, and vision.

"Through the ESP program, our students can learn advanced technical skills and gain a seasoned perspective of their academic trajectory through the College of Engineering. Our first-year students, though this experience, can quickly add advanced laboratory and analysis skills to their nascent resumes. In the first year of our program, they can work on real-work engineering problems that have an impact of people's lives and work."


— Dr. Tony Butterfield, Chemical Engineering Professor

What is the Engineering Scholars Program?

The Engineering Scholars program is a cohort of top-performing, directly-admitted students who will participate in exciting, unique, and hands-on experiences and opportunities.

You’ll be part of a college-wide cohort of engineering students to build connections, friendships, and experience. You’ll also be a part of your department engineering scholars cohort for a more directed, smaller-group experience.

During your first semester, you’ll be participating in workshops, tours, and seminars preparing you for the spring semester. In the spring semester, you’ll choose to either work with a senior capstone design project team, or work in a research laboratory.

Benefits Include:

  • Enjoy exclusive career and networking opportunities with industry partners and leaders
  • Tour college labs and facilities typically not open to first-year students
  • Gain hands-on experience on a senior capstone project or in a research lab
  • Have fun with college and department social events and experiences
  • Participate in college and/or department off-campus site visits/field trips
  • Interact with engineering student ambassadors for peer mentoring and insights

Program Requirements:

    • Be in academic good standing during the program
    • Be a declared engineering major
    • Attend extracurricular seminars and workshops
    • Attend field trips and off-campus experiences
    • Meet a determined number of research or capstone hours
    • Be interested in changing the world and lives

Application Information:

  • Applications for the Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Engineering Scholars Program will open in Spring 2023

Application Requirements:

    • Students must be directly admitted to the University of Utah and the College of Engineering for consideration.
    • Students will need 1 STEM references as part of the application process.

Interested? Apply now!

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