Highway Civil Engineer Pathways Recent Graduate

Federal Highway Administration

Job Type: Full Time

Engineering Area(s): Civil & Environmental Engineering

Academic Level: Graduates / Alumni (B.S. Degree Required), Senior (Graduating Soon)

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The Professional Development Program is hiring Highway Civil Engineer Pathways Recent Graduates (GS-0810-07/09 – $54,557 to $91,582 annually) in multiple locations throughout the United States. To apply, visit (open to U.S. Citizens). This job announcement closes on 05/31/2024.

The Federal-aid Highway Program supports state highway systems by providing financial assistance for constructing, maintaining, and operating the nation’s 3.9 million-mile highway network. That program includes the Interstate Highway System, primary highways, and secondary (local) roads. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) implements the Federal-aid Highway Program in cooperation with state and local governments.

The mission of the Federal Lands Highway Program is to improve transportation to and within Federal and Tribal Lands by providing technical services to the highway/transportation community. Additionally, that program builds accessible and scenic roads that ensure everyone can enjoy the many national treasures in our federal land.


FHWA’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is an entry-level/new employee program designed to introduce participants to the technical, administrative, and program management aspects of administering the Federal-aid Highway and Federal Lands Highway Programs. The PDP is up to 24 months of entry-level career development training for participants to learn and apply technical skills to advance.

As a newly-hired recent graduate serving as a Highway Civil Engineer in the PDP, you will:

Complete three significant components: on-the-job training, developmental assignments, and several required training activities.
Immerse in experiential learning in FHWA’s Federal-aid and Federal Lands Highway Division Offices, where you will receive on-the-job training through structured learning experiences described in a development plan. Several developmental assignment options may include one or more of the following: design, construction, project development, environment, safety, pavements, materials, research, Intelligent Transportation System, bridge, traffic operations, hydraulics, preventive maintenance, access management, utilities, and right-of-way, planning, surveys, geotechnical, value engineering, among others.
The ideal candidate for this position is a beginning-level engineer who wants to learn about the various aspects of technical highway engineering, including but not limited to highway design, construction, bridge, geotechnical, survey and mapping, hydraulics, and materials testing.

The ideal candidate should have between 0 to 5 years of experience, be mobile and willing to travel to remote locations for extended periods and be able to work independently and in a team environment.

Location type
Onsite location
Juneau, Alaska, United States · Montgomery, Alabama, United States · Little Rock, Arkansas, United States · Phoenix, Arizona, United States · Los Angeles, California, United States · Sacramento, California, United States · Lakewood, Colorado, United States · Hartford, Connecticut, United States · Washington, District of Columbia, United States · Dover, Delaware, United States · Orlando, Florida, United States · Tallahassee, Florida, United States · Atlanta, Georgia, United States · Honolulu, Hawaii, United States · Ames, Iowa, United States · Boise, Idaho, United States · Springfield, Illinois, United States · Indianapolis, Indiana, United States · Topeka, Kansas, United States · Frankfort, Kentucky, United States · Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States · Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States · Baltimore, Maryland, United States · Augusta, Maine, United States · Lansing, Michigan, United States · Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States · Jefferson City, Missouri, United States · Jackson, Mississippi, United States · Helena, Montana, United States · Raleigh, North Carolina, United States · Bismarck, North Dakota, United States · Lincoln, Nebraska, United States · Concord, New Hampshire, United States · Trenton, New Jersey, United States · Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States · Carson City, Nevada, United States · Albany, New York, United States · Columbus, Ohio, United States · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States · Salem, Oregon, United States · Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States · Providence, Rhode Island, United States · Columbia, South Carolina, United States · Pierre, South Dakota, United States · Nashville, Tennessee, United States · Austin, Texas, United States · Salt Lake City, Utah, United States · Ashburn, Virginia, United States · Richmond, Virginia, United States · Montpelier, Vermont, United States · Olympia, Washington, United States · Vancouver, Washington, United States · Madison, Virginia, United States · Charleston, West Virginia, United States · Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States · San Juan, Puerto Rico

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