Unit 7: Materials Science and Engineering

Students investigate the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering: the field that deals with the development of materials with desirable properties. Students study material properties and how the molecular makeup and structure are important in determining those properties. Students work together as groups to create a composite material that will perform optimally within cost and dimension constraints.

7.1 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

Students explore classes of materials and material properties important in MSE.

  • Lesson Plan (7.1 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering)
  • In Class
    • Assignment 7.1.1: Material Properties
  • Homework
    • Assignment 7.2: Composite Beam Project Introduction
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      • Composite Beam Project Introduction
7.2 Composite Beam Project Introduction

Students learn about the design criteria for their MSE project:  a composite beam of plaster and agglomerates they will choose.

7.3 Plaster Design of Experiments Part 1

Students determine the best plaster-to-water mix ratio for their composite beam.  During Part 1, they determine which mix ratios they will test and create 3 test pucks of plaster with the different mix ratios.

7.4 Plaster Design of Experiments Part 2

Students continue their design of experiments for mix ratio determination.  During Part 2, they break the test pucks made during Part 1.

7.5 Composite Beam Design

Students design and build their composite beam with available materials as agglomerates.

7.6 Student Presentations on Technology in Materials Science and Engineering

Students present their research into a technology related to Materials Science and Engineering that they have chosen.

7.7 Composite Beam Test and Evaluation

Students test their composite beam using a test fixture to determine the amount of force their beam can withstand before failure.  The beam design is evaluated based on test results and type of failure.

7.8 Composite Beam Peer Analysis

Students compare beam performance within the class and analyze effective and ineffective elements of beam design.

7.9 Unit Quiz

Students take a quiz on the Materials Science and Engineering unit and complete any worksheets as needed.