Unit 5: Bioengineering

Students explore the field of Bioengineering: the discipline which develops technology that interfaces with biological systems. Students learn how engineering directly affects the lives of people, whether in their community, or in communities across the world. Students must work between design requirements and constraints as they complete a group project in Bioengineering.

5.1 Introduction to Bioengineering

Students study the subspecialties of Bioengineering.

5.2 Bioengineering Project Introduction

Students learn about the design requirements and criteria of their project for the Bioengineering Unit.

5.3 Possible Arm Designs

Students brainstorm possible designs for the elements of the prosthetic arm.

5.4 Final Arm Design Build Part 1

Students begin to build their prosthetic arm design.

5.5 Final Arm Design Build Part 2

Students complete their prosthetic arm.

  • Lesson Plan (5.5 Final Arm Design Build Part 2)
  • In Class
    • Continue Prosthetic Arm Design Build
  • Homework: Complete in class assignment if necessary
5.6 Final Prosthetic Arm Testing and Reflection

Students test their prosthetic arm and reflect on their design.

5.7 Bioengineering Student Presentations

Students present their research into a technology they have chosen that is related to Bioengineering.

5.8 Bioengineering Review and Unit Quiz

Students review for and take a quiz on the Bioengineering unit.