Web Application Developer Intern - C#/SQL

Job Type: Part Time

Engineering Area(s): Computer Engineering, Computer Science

Academic Level: Graduates / Alumni (B.S. Degree Required), Senior (Graduating Soon), Junior, Sophomore

This is a hands-on position, working in short (two weeks product development) sprints building big, meaningful things with a direct, immediate, and visible impact. You will be working in .NET and SQL as a part of a team of developers, focused exclusively on our platform. You will help us build crisp, clean, interactive experiences to make complex catalogs of millions of products accessible and easy to understand for normal people. We have big work ahead of us, and you will have an opportunity here to learn a lot – and play a key role in what we build.

Strong candidates will be able to show us:

A Computer Science (CS) degree in progress
Good experience coding in web languages (Microsoft stack preferred, but we’re open-minded)
Development work you’ve done “for fun” outside of work/school.
A drive to learn new things.

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