The University of Utah College of Engineering announced the 2014 Outstanding Staff Awards, honoring teachers and staff members who have excelled in their fields this past year.

The group of honorees were recognized with a plaque Aug. 22 presented by College of Engineering Dean Richard Brown.

Outstanding Staff Award — Amanda May, academic advisor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dedicated, hardworking, intelligent, motivated, and successful. These are the words colleagues use to describe Amanda May as she helps guide young minds through the path of achieving success here at the University of Utah. As the department’s academic advisor, Amanda connects with both undergraduate and graduate students to make sure they are on the right track for a prosperous experience at the university. She serves on the University Academic Advising Committee and also is a member of their sub-committee for Marketing and Promotion for Academic Advising. In addition, Amanda recently received her Masters of Education degree with an emphasis in student affairs. That’s because for her, students come first – and always will.

College Service Award — Tony Roehrig, Electronic Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

Tony Roehrig has been called a “Jack of All Trades.” But in this case, he IS the “Master of All of Them.” Whether it’s a well-used photocopier or a vintage electron spin resonance spectrometer, Tony knows how to make things work and keep them working. As the electronic engineer for mechanical engineering, he is experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive but most of all, friendly when it comes to keeping all of the equipment operating in peak condition. And with mechanical engineering making the monumental move to a new building, Tony’s hard work and expertise has become even more critical. Thanks to him, everything in the department will continue to operate efficiently and reliably – just like him.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award — Charlie Jacobsen, School of Computing

Charlie Jacobsen, who was a teaching assistant for the School of Computing the last two semesters, is the kind of TA that faculty members wish for and need. As one professor said: “Charlie is, in every sense of the word, the ideal TA that one often sees in one’s dreams.” But it’s not just faculty that Charlie has worked for that give him the highest regards. Just listen to some of the students who have worked with him: “Charlie is a phenomenal TA, with the patience of a kindergarten teacher,” said one. “Charlie is a champion! He goes above and beyond the call of duty,” said another. Finally, one declared: “Charlie is the best and most committed TA I have ever had in all of my classes at the university.” With testimonials like those, it’s clear to see why Charlie Jacobsen IS so deserving of this recognition.

Outstanding Teacher Award — Mathieu Francoeur, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

It didn’t take long for Mathieu Francoeur to become a favorite among University of Utah faculty and students. In just four short years, Mathieu was awarded the ASUU Student Choice Award, was honored with the Outstanding Teaching Award by the mechanical engineering students, and he received three grants from the National Science Foundation, including the NSF Career Award. Students adore him, as their feedback shows, and it’s clear he connects with students, whether it’s in a classroom of 100 or a graduate class of five. As one student happily announced: “Dr. Francoeur is the best teacher that I have had at the University of Utah.”