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Meet the Ambassadors

Emma Brindley

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in Nuclear Engineering and am from a small town in Colorado. I got my bachelor's degree from the U in 2022 in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Engineering. Growing up, and even now, I always wanted to learn new things wherever I went. When I finish school, I want to work at NASA. However, if I can make a difference somewhere else, that is all that matters!
Outside the classroom and the lab, I enjoy hiking, baking, reading, and playing video games. I have two dogs and like to spoil my sister's cat!

Jordan Brooks

I am currently a third-year student majoring in Games. I have taken an interest in the video game industry and currently have over 5 years of experience in video game design, art, and team management. Video games extend far beyond a typical source of simple entertainment. It is the stories they tell, the lessons they teach, and the emotions they provoke that add to the ethereal thrill. Whether I am designing new concepts for gameplay and stories or creating artwork for the necessary game assets, I am always looking for new work and am happy to contribute in every way I can.

Wyatt Brucchauser

I am a first-generation college student in my senior year from Eagle Mountain, Utah. I’m majoring in Computer Science; though it took a lot of exploring and self-discovery to get there. When I started college, I had no experience with programming, but through my Anthropology Program I got to take a course in Geoprogramming that taught me the basics of Python, and I absolutely fell in love with Computer Science. Mathematics was always my favorite subject in school, but I always wanted a career where I would get to be creative and work with people. Computer Science was perfect for that as I can use my mathematical skills to solve creative problems and work on teams of developers. Through my Human Factors Certificate I have also gotten to work with users to understand visual perception in Augmented Reality. Additionally, I have gotten to develop software for a clone of the game and spreadsheet application. I hope to be a software engineer when I finish my degree, but my dream job is to be a Geospatial Software Engineer at Google Maps.

Chase Canning

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved solving puzzles and finding the hidden patterns that others might have missed. I even used to dream of being a detective, until I was 15 when I had a crucial revelation – I'm not great with blood. Still, my love for solving problems didn't fade; it just led me to a different path, and that's how I landed in data science. Numbers aren't just numbers to me; they're like threads that weave stories and show trends. I'm all about using data to find out cool stuff that helps us understand the world better. I can't wait to see how the University of Utah will help me get better at this data thing and hone my skills as a date detective.

Miranda Cardenas

My first year, I had no idea what I wanted to study here at the U. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing with their life, and I was still stuck with being “undecided”. After two years of being unsure of what I wanted to do, I chose computer engineering. Prior to starting at the U, I had never done any kind of programming or circuit building; I had never even built my own computer! The reason I chose computer engineering is because I have always wanted to learn more about how computers work and how to program. So far, I have enjoyed taking classes for my major and getting to know the professors. I still have a few more years to go in my degree, but I can’t wait to learn more. Before starting at the U, I didn’t actually enjoy math or science classes. I was more interested in art, specifically ceramics, which is why I also am pursuing a minor in ceramics. There are not a lot of things that I do outside of school because a degree like this takes up a lot of my time, but I have made it my goal to get more involved at school such as becoming a LEAP peer advisor and helping new students navigate college. I don’t know what I might want to do with my computer engineering degree, but I am excited for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Midge Cook

I am a second-year ECE student. I chose ECE because circuits are like a sudoku puzzle, you need to finish each part before getting the whole picture. Additionally, I hope to work in clean energy to improve our future.

Kerrigan Denham

I am a senior (fourth year) in mechanical engineering. I am interested in the biomechanics side of engineering, specifically my research focus has been aimed at classifying damage in cerebral blood vessels with the hope of improving traumatic brain injury treatment. In the future, I hope to become a graduate student at the U in mechanical engineering and branch my research out to compare fully developed cerebral blood vessels to preterm infants’ cerebral blood vessels. Outside of class, I love exploring the beautiful sights that Utah has to offer and participating in local events happening in the city.

Megan Fernandez

I am a senior majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am passionate about people and the planet, so Civil Engineering was the perfect choice for me because it focuses on the built and natural environment. I have enjoyed all of the opportunities to explore the wide range of Civil disciplines through my course work at the University of Utah, but I hope to pursue a career in water resources in the future. I want to inspire the next generation to find their place in the world of engineering. Outside of school you can find me skiing, hiking, reading, or hanging out with my friends!

Syd Hurst

I am an undergraduate studying mechanical engineering. I am also interested in computer and data science. The engineering program has given me the opportunity to explore my different interests and relate them to situations I could encounter once in the field. Despite not knowing what I wanted to do when I was applying to colleges, I have found an amazing spot in the College of Engineering and am grateful for the resources and community it has provided me with.

Sana Kureshi

I am a fourth-year Computer Science student, with a minor in Mathematics. The decision to pursue a major in Computer Science was instinctive and aligned perfectly with my interests. This field has always attracted my attention with the constant technological advancements that profoundly influence how we live and interact. The ever-evolving nature of technology captivates me, and I want to be part of making things happen. As an Engineering Ambassador, I want to highlight the variety of opportunities that await engineering students at the University of Utah. The campus offers numerous pathways for involvement and professional advancement, allowing students to flourish.

Manny Lopez

I am a fourth-year student hailing from Logan, Utah. I am currently pursuing dual majors in Mathematics with an emphasis on Statistics and Computer Science, alongside minors in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Beyond my academic commitments, I am deeply engaged on campus. I hold the roles of University Ambassador for the Office of Admissions, Ambassador for the College of Science, and Ambassador for the College of Humanities. These roles fuel my passion for fostering connections within our academic community. Additionally, I serve as a Resident Advisor, contributing to creating a supportive living environment here on campus.

In those precious moments of free time, you will likely find me experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or working on some new sculpting projects. I also have a bad habit of collecting more plants than my room can handle; it's almost like I'm running a mini rainforest cafe in there.

I'm always eager to meet new people and share experiences, so if you see me around campus, please feel free to stop and say hi!

Keifer Maples

I am a Division of Games major with an emphasis in Game Production and Design here at the University. I've been passionate about playing and creating video games since I was 11 years old when I received my first gaming console, the Nintendo Wii. I first learned about the Games program during my senior year in high school and was thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree in Games. It has been several years since then, and I am now in my senior year here at the University, with several video games published, both independently and in collaboration with others.
Throughout my journey in the Games program, my aspirations have evolved. Rather than creating video games, I am now focused on enhancing players' experiences by developing larger and more immersive simulators, such as golf sims, racing sims, skiing sims, and more. After I graduate, I will be taking over my dad's company, specializing in high-end AV systems for residential and commercial properties. Through this connection, I hope to turn my dreams into reality by installing these gaming simulators in people's homes and businesses.
During my time in college, I've had an incredible experience and have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and refining my skills for the future. While my schedule is consistently busy with classes and homework, being a Games major has been an invaluable experience.

Grace Mead

I am an Honors Biomedical Engineering student, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. In the past year, I've had the privilege of being involved in research at the University of Utah's Department of Surgery, specifically within the Otolaryngology Division. Simultaneously, I have taken on the role of a New Student Orientation Leader.
Dance has been a significant part of my life since the age of 3, and I was a member of the Corner Canyon Dance Company. Alongside my dance and other hobbies, community service has always been integral to my identity. Over the past few years, I have dedicated approximately 300 hours to serving my community, initially as Miss Teen Draper 2018, then as Miss Draper 2021, and now as a member of the Miss Draper Committee.
My personal passion is helping students develop their interest and confidence in STEM fields. In 2018, I initiated a social media campaign and website called 'Bright Futures Begin With STEM,' which provides valuable resources for parents, teachers, and administrators to inspire students' interest in STEM subjects. In recognition of this work, I received the STEM Innovation Award from CenturyLink and the NBA in 2019.
As an Engineering Ambassador, I am excited about the opportunity to further my mission of encouraging young students to pursue STEM education. I also look forward to sharing the countless opportunities available to Price College of Engineering students.

Zuni Olivares

I am a second-year undergrad pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Robotics and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Currently, I serve the U as an Engineering Ambassador and peer advisor for the LEAP program. As soon as I got to the U, I wanted to make the most of my experience by getting involved on and off campus; my main goal as an ambassador is to help prospective, talented individuals capitalize on all the College of Engineering has to offer. Being in love with problem solving, puzzles, and creation, I knew going into college that engineering was a natural choice for me. Specifically, I was drawn to robotics and automation which is what led me to Electrical Engineering. Outside of my collegiate and professional responsibilities, I love hiking Utah’s gorgeous landscapes, painting, and jazz piano. Hope to meet you soon!

Brooklyn Peterson

I am a third-year Electrical Engineering major, and I am thrilled to be a part of the U community! I am a transfer student, coming from the University of Alabama, so returning to my home state and attending the best school is truly exciting. As an ambassador, my goal is to provide students with more information about the Price College of Engineering.
I hail from a small town in Utah and have a deep love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Engineering is my passion, and I'm eager to meet new and talented individuals embarking on this incredible journey in the field. SKO UTES!

Rich Schettler

I am a senior in the Chemical Engineering program, and I was born and raised in Utah. I've always had a passion for problem-solving, particularly through the use of math and science. Engineering, in particular, has been a fulfilling pursuit for me as it provides insights into understanding the world around us. The more I learn, the more I discover real-world applications for my knowledge.
Upon graduation, my goal is to work in process control and process design. Being an ambassador for the University is a role I cherish because it allows me to inspire others to explore the world and tackle its challenges through learning and problem-solving.

Abigail Stringfellow

I've harbored a passion for pursuing a career in engineering for quite some time, but it wasn't until I started at the U that I chose civil engineering. This field serves as an intersection of my greatest passions: math, art, and physics. I derive immense satisfaction from creating and witnessing my work evolve into something substantial, and in my opinion, engineering offers the most fulfilling avenue for this pursuit.
In addition to my role as an ambassador, I also serve as an undergraduate research assistant in a collaborative project between the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Art and Art History. In this project, I am developing a Vitamin C sensor using photo paper.
Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I intend to pursue a Master of Architecture program. My ultimate goal is to become an architect, blending elements of classical and Gothic architectural styles with modern materials and designs in my career.

Kiersten Thompson

I am a senior Biomedical Engineering student. After I graduate, my plan is to attend dental school, where I hope to apply the knowledge and skills I've gained in furthering that field. One of my favorite aspects of the University of Utah is the abundance of opportunities for involvement in research. Being able to apply and problem-solve with the information I've learned in class has significantly enhanced my learning experience.

Abby Trudeau

Hi there! I'm an Engineering Ambassador here at the University of Utah, where I'm currently studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. My path to engineering wasn't a straight line – in fact, I didn't even consider it until my junior year in college. During my time at the university, I found myself missing the challenges of math and intricate problem-solving. It got me thinking about the direction I was heading in, and I realized that a switch to engineering might be the right move. So, I made the change, and I'm really glad I did! I am incredibly thankful for the ongoing support and guidance of both my peers and professors within the University of Utah's Civil Engineering program and feel like I truly found my place.

Dallin Womack

I always knew I wanted to be an engineer, but I wasn't initially certain about which field to pursue. My desire to become an engineer stemmed from my love for building things and conducting chemistry experiments. Additionally, observing my older sister's work as a biomedical engineer influenced my decision to study at the University of Utah.
At the University of Utah, I had the opportunity to explore various engineering fields through introductory classes, which was quite intriguing. Initially, I started as a double major in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering during my freshman year. As time passed, I discovered my true passion lay in Materials Science and Engineering. This field offered a comprehensive study of various materials and their properties, aligning perfectly with my interests.
To further enhance my chemistry skills, I initially considered pursuing a minor in chemistry. However, after conducting more research, I decided to major in Chemistry with an emphasis on Materials Science and Engineering. I currently plan to graduate with double majors in Fall 2024.
As for my future plans, I remain undecided but am considering a career in environmental safety studies, focusing on areas such as waste runoff and recycling.

Shuang Wu

I'm a Games major, concurrently pursuing a Human Factors certificate in psychology. My passion lies in enhancing user experiences, especially in game design and VR, where I've delved into various domains. Believing in the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration, I've collaborated with the psychology and health science departments at the University to offer research and technology support, including VR operations. After completing my undergraduate studies, I aim to continue my journey to enhance user experience design for software and technological devices.

Victoria Yong

I am a software development major. I had no idea what I wanted to do in my future career, but I knew that I’d always been curious and that I loved creating things. After taking a few intro courses in computer science through the U, I knew that it was definitely something that would challenge me in a way that felt rewarding and would give me the opportunity to see what creative controls I could take in my future career. The University of Utah’s engineering programs have not only helped me strengthen my coding skills, but have also allowed me to make friendships and connections along the way that would last a lifetime.