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Meet the Ambassadors

Edward Barrowes

I'm a Biomedical Engineering major and minor in Computer Science. Before coming to the U, I was an avid ballet dancer as well as someone who enjoyed and excelled in math and science. When I came to the U, I found that I had the option to pursue a ballet career full time, or to become a full time student. I chose biomedical engineering because I felt it was the best combination of the two, applying engineering concepts to solving problems and creating solutions in the human body. I'm super hyped about the Utah Electrode Array (google it!), which is a biomedical device being developed here at the U in the field of brain machine interfaces. I hope to get involved in neural prosthetics once I graduate, but if life has taught me anything it's that there's always another plot twist around the corner! That's a big reason behind my minor in CS, I want to make sure that regardless of my situation when I graduate I have a lot of flexibility going into the job field. I have a lot of interests and probably my greatest challenge right now is balancing them all; I'm part of the ballroom dance club and practice every weekend, I play and tinker with video games, fiddle around with synthesizers, and hang out with friends. Being an engineering student can take a lot of time, but there's no reason to not have fun while I'm at it!

Rylan Beyer

I am a mechanical engineering major and computer science minor. From a young age, I have always loved to build and create new things. I chose the University of Utah because of its great engineering program and the vast amount of opportunities it presents. I chose to pursue a degree in engineering because of my passion for math, science, and innovation. In my free time I love to backcountry ski and rock climb. After I complete my mechanical engineering degree, I hope to get a job in the aerospace industry assisting with the design of new and better air travel.

Emma Brindley

I am a Materials Engineering student from a small town outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I chose to move to Utah for the Materials program at the U, and I'm so happy with my choice. Materials science was the proper choice for me because it's just so interesting. Materials are in everything, and they affect the way we move around in the world we live in, it sounded so cool that I could understand a lot more about our world. When I'm done with school, I want to work in the space program developing new energy solutions or materials for further exploration. Fun Fact about me: Pot stickers are my favorite food.

Emily Burke

I am a Computer Science major at the University of Utah, and before I started going to school here, I had almost no experience with the field, except using Scratch! What drove me to becoming a CS major was the concept that with a little bit of knowledge, a few lines of code, and you can create something out of absolutely nothing, which to me was like magic. And with that, you can create virtually anything- something fun like a game, or something useful, like a spreadsheet client. With all the new information I have learned while studying here, my friend and I have created a Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook application in Visual Studio with C#, which we created after running into issues after playing D&D for a few years. Besides playing tabletop RPGs, in my spare time I like to ski, play video games like Skyrim, and play music! For 6 years before starting college, I was in a band, where I played the electric bass (I am also experienced in stand-up bass and clarinet, however electric is definitely the way to go). I have found some friends since joining college that also play music, so occasionally I still get to jam out, so my ultimate career goal is to be able to incorporate my interests into my job.

Miranda Cardenas

Last year, I had no idea what I wanted to study here at the U. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing with their life, and I was still stuck with being “Undecided”. After two years of being unsure of what I wanted to do, I decided on computer engineering. Prior to starting at the U, I had never done any kind of programming or circuit building of any kind; I have never even built my own computer! The reason I chose computer engineering is because I have always wanted to learn more about how computers work and how to program. So far, I have enjoyed taking classes for my major and getting to know the professors. I still have a few more years to go, but I can’t wait to learn more. Before starting at the U, I didn’t actually enjoy math or science classes. I was more interested in art, specifically ceramics, which is why I also am pursuing a minor in ceramics. There are not a lot of things that I do outside of school because a degree like this takes up a lot of my time, but I have made it my goal to get more involved at school such as becoming a LEAP peer advisor and helping new students navigate college. I don’t know what I might want to do with my computer engineering degree, but I am excited for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Suzi Creveling

I come from a family of mechanical engineers who all studied at the University of Utah-- grandfather, great uncle, uncle, aunt, two brothers, and sister. My favorite part about engineering, so far, is the design aspect. I have always loved math, science, and designing/creating things. I've also had the chance to work on some interesting projects in the University of Utah Composites Engineering Lab.

I’m excited to find what a career in mechanical engineering will bring me after I graduate and be able to work on the forefront of technology to help change the world. I love being an engineering ambassador. I have met so many people and learned so much from my advisors, co-ambassadors, and class mates. I’m also in Delta Gamma Sorority, ASUU, and I also play on the women's club water polo team.

Marcus D’Ambrosio

I am a third-year student double-majoring in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I chose my course of study because I have always been interested and excelled in math and the sciences. Chemical Engineering was the perfect fit because it allowed me to study the real-world application of these subjects that I already liked, as well as provided secure, lucrative, and diverse career opportunities. During my time here, the University of Utah has far exceeded my expectations, and I could not imagine being anywhere else.

Andrew Erickson

I am a second year Materials Science and Engineering student from rural North Dakota. I have been interested in becoming an engineer my whole life. Growing up I wanted to be an inventor and would spend countless hours playing with Legos. In high school I had a job in a materials science lab which is where I realized that it was what I wanted to do for a career. The University of Utah’s engineering program is fantastic as it consists of fellow students who I call my friends, great professors, and provides me with a great foundation for a future job as a materials engineer or for graduate school.

Ebsa Eshete

I didn't know that I wanted to be an Engineering student until the day of orientation when instead of going with the Biology group I decided on a whim to go with the Mechanical Engineering group. I had always been interested in aerospace although I had never had any actual experience making anything, so the decision surprised me but I'm glad that I went out on that whim. Now that I've found out I enjoy Engineering I've got lots of years of pre-med to make up for! I spend most of my time in school and in my research lab, but when I'm not there I'm either being president of the RoboUtes club, playing music, or playing video games. I am glad I chose the U, there are so many resources to develop my passions and curiosities.

Brissa Jackson

Since I was young, I have enjoyed math concepts and understanding how actual, ordinary things work. I first became interested in mechanical engineering when I began to apply my love of math and problem solving to real world problems in my classes. Through the engineering program at the U, I have had the opportunity to encounter genuine problems and develop innovative solutions. This program provides students the opportunities and support necessary to succeed while allowing them to get hands on engineering practice that aids them in developing their skills. This is truly a great program where I feel like I belong and that I can make difference in the world.

Jeremy Jareckyj

I’ve loved building and construction ever since I was a little kid. Whether it was Lego towns, models, and even wooden train sets, there wasn’t a place in the house they couldn’t be seen (sorry Mom). Later in my teen years, I transitioned more to woodworking, and it is a still a passion of mine to this day. My ultimate goal is to have my own house building company when I’m older. The ability to get to design, engineer, and build something that is going to be such a big part of another person’s life is so awesome to me. I am so excited to be here at the University of Utah and learn from the great civil and construction programs. With all of the wonderful people I’ve met and the life lessons I’ve learned, there’s no place I’d rather be.

Grant Johnson

I’m a Mechanical Engineering major here at the U because I really enjoy creating things and figuring out how machine systems work. I’m not sure yet what I want to do after graduation, so I’m looking forward to all the different programs that the U offers to help me explore my interests and connect me to a wide job market. In my free time I enjoy running, especially on all the trails around campus, and going bowling at the Union. I actively participate in many of the activities organized by the Institute of Religion on campus as well.

Aidan Lethaby

As an Engineering Ambassador, I want to share my love for the entire University of Utah with others. Coming from California, making the move to go to the U was a great decision that I am happy I made. In addition to all the academic benefits that come with going to Utah's flagship university, there are so many ways to balance your life and enjoy your college experience. The campus is only a couple miles from both downtown Salt Lake and the mountains! I personally love to hike during the warmer months and ski during the colder ones. Also, the opportunities for adventure to national parks and other amazing natural wonders during the breaks or long weekends are endless. The campus community is exciting from the numerous clubs to the MUSS which supports our awesome D1 sports. On campus, there are many resources to help your education and openings to get involved in research. I could go on forever about why the U is the perfect school for an incredible university experience and education which is why I love this job!

Jay Medina

I’m an undergrad and I study Chemical Engineering here at the U. I decided to pursue engineering because engineers I always wanted to learn how to make cool things and advance technology to solve problems in all areas of society. After undergrad I plan to continue in academia and pursue a graduate degree.

Greyson Mitra

I am a second year Electrical Engineering student and I chose this major because I think that electricity and electronics have so many amazing applications in this world. I am also very interested in robotics and the applications that Electrical Engineering has in that field. I chose the University of Utah because it has an awesome Engineering department and because of the many wonderful opportunities provided here to students like me.

Alexander Price

I am a pre-Biomedical Engineering student who loves the human body. I enjoy engineering because it's exciting and a great way to use and apply the things I know and am learning. It's also a close-knit community that is really fun to be a part of. After completing the Biomedical Engineering program, I hope to attend medical school.

Andie Sieja

I am a sophomore in the biomedical engineering program at the University of Utah. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama which is a large engineering hub. This means that engineering was constantly around me. I realized very early in my childhood that math and science were the subjects I excelled at. I also realized I had an interest in medicine and a desire to help the community around me. I came to Utah because I love the outdoors and wanted to try something new. On campus, I am involved in greek life, a research lab, and different volunteer organizations. After graduation, I would love to attend medical school in hopes of pursuing pediatric oncology, neurology, or cardiology, but we'll see where I end up.

Lance Tallman

I am a Bachelor of Science in Games Major, with an Emphasis in Game Production and a Minor in Computer Science, here at the U. I have been passionate about both video and board games since my early years in elementary school creating my own games or playing games with my friends. In my senior year of high school, I had the privilege of working with a startup company founded by two professors from the games program at the University of Utah. During this experience, I was exposed to the games industry in full force, and the intricacies of what it takes to produce a game. This experience catalyzed my interest in game production, the project management side of game development, and solidified my decision to pursue it as a career. To this day, I still work for that startup company as I learn and develop my skills in college. After I graduate, I would ideally like to work for a triple-A games studio, such as Blizzard Entertainment, and hone my collegiate skills on real projects. While communicating with a large variety of teams, I’m ecstatic to put my Minor in Computer Science to good use. Though I have no intention of coding for a living, I see value in understanding the time and practices that potential colleagues may have to employ in order to finish game components. In college, I’ve spent what free time I have joining and working for organizations such as the LEAP department and improving on my passion for rock climbing in the Summit, the University of Utah’s rock-climbing gym. Although my schedule is always jam packed with classes and homework, being an engineering student has been an incredible experience.

Payton Thomas

I am a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I am interested in systems biology and the nonlinear dynamics of cells, particularly as they relate to gene regulatory networks. I hope to leverage my bioengineering education in these areas to further understanding of cellular dynamics and develop gene therapies for conditions outside the realm of traditional medicine.