Unit 3: Computer Science

In this unit, students will become familiar with the field of Computer Science: the discipline involved with the devices and instructions to calculate a set of outputs from a set of inputs. They will learn the basic coding structures using a graphic coding environment (Scratch), as well as unplugged activities. Students will ultimately write code to create their own computer program.


3.1 Introduction to Computer Science

Students experience the necessity to give a computer an exact set of instructions. They become acquainted with the components of a computer

3.2 Computer Basics

Students learn some basic concepts about computers.

3.3 Project Coding Day 1

Students complete their first day of coding on their computer science project.

3.4 Project Coding Day 2

Continued coding on student project.

3.5 Unplugged Function Activity and Project Coding Day 3

Students experience an unplugged activity to help them understand the concept of Functions and Functions With Arguments within a computer program. Continued coding on student project.

3.6 Project Coding Day 4

Continued coding on student project.

3.7 Project Coding Day 5

Continued coding on student project.

3.8 Student Presentations on Technology in Computer Science

Students present their research into a technology related to Computer Science that they have chosen.

3.9 Project Coding Day 6

Continued coding on student project.

3.10 Project Coding Day 7

Complete coding on student project.

3.11 Unit Quiz and Project Showcase

Students take a quiz on the Computer Science unit and showcase their programs to one another.