Unit 2: Civil Engineering

In this unit, students will be introduced to the field of Civil Engineering: the discipline of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure and the environment. Students will follow up their introduction with a project related to concepts in Civil Engineering. Students will independently study a technology related to Civil Engineering and will prepare and give a short 5-minute presentation about that technology.


2.1 Introduction to Civil Engineering

Students study a day in the life of a civil engineer.


2.2 Truss Calculations

Students practice simple truss calculations using the method of joints.


2.3 Tall Towers

Students translate their understanding of the importance of trusses to the ways in which civil engineers create tall structures


2.4 Student Presentations on Technology in Civil Engineering

Students present their research into a technology related to Civil Engineering that they have chosen.


2.5 Fluid Mechanics

Students are introduced to Bernoulli’s Equation and use a simplified version to perform hydrostatic pressure and flow rate calculations.


2.6 Civil Engineering Project: Water Town and Design of Experiments

Students begin their main project in Civil Engineering to design a water distribution network, or Water Town. Students will perform a design of experiments to understand how things like water tower height and pipe length, diameter, and fittings affect the flow rate through the piping.

2.7 - 2.9 Water Town Construction and Measurements

Students construct their water distribution network: Water Town.

2.10 Unit Quiz and Reflection Completion

Students take a quiz on the Civil Engineering Unit and complete the reflection questions on the Assignment 2.7i worksheet.