College of Engineering Convocation Ceremony

Friday, May 7, 2021
Rice Eccles Stadium, 5:00 p.m.

Convocation Photo Gallery

Mechanical Engineering Award Recipients

Student Leader Award

Bryce McCormick

As President and former Vice Present of the Aerospace Club at the University of Utah, Bryce was able to lead a team in constructing a rocket for an intercollegiate competition. He lead the group by putting students in working groups, assigning tasks, assisting with projects, and checking-in with each group to see if they needed support. As a leader he was able to learn from his peers and navigate challenging problems. Outside of his work with the Aerospace Club, Bryce was a standout student to his instructors and succeeded in his academics.

Researcher of the Year

Jonas Merrell

Jonas always displays exceptional dedication and curiosity in his work whether it’s classroom learning or his research. HIs questions in class prompt conversation, making class time more engaging for everyone. Jonas dove into undergraduate research, completing high-level tests and experiments for his lab and has even contributed to projects with NASA. We look forward to seeing Jonas’ name in more publications in the future.

TA of the Year

Lan Pham

Lan is an amazing TA and we appreciate all the work she does for her students. It was evident as she worked with students this semester and cheered for them during their mechatronics competition that she had built relationships and gained trust with them. She truly cares about the students and has been a great sounding board for faculty developing course content, especially in the wake of COVID19. Lan is clearly a proactive educator and is always thinking of the students.

TA of the Year

Martin Grasic

Martin has been a great TA for our department.  He puts a lot of effort into giving his students meaningful feedback.  He is genuinely concerned about his students, and notices if they don’t turn something in and either asks the instructor if I know anything about their situation or reaches out to them directly. Martin received great reviews from his students and it is evident that they appreciated his help.

Honorary Students

Graduating Students

Student Farewells

Zackary Anderson, BS


James Odell Ehlers III, BS

May the struggles of yesterday become the triumphs of tomorrow.

Ihsan Sameer Elnunu, BS

Now that my journey of obtaining a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering is coming to an end, I would like to thank my family and my wife for their endless support and being my motive for success. It was a journey filled with hard work and now I am finally here collecting my reward.

Johnathan Lee Johnson, BS

This has been a long journey for me and I can honestly say I would not be here without my wife and daughter by my side. I am excited to see what life brings next, and I wish nothing but success to my fellow graduating students. Go UTES!

Aaron Alexander Atnip, BS

The U has been the greatest place to study, grow, and call home over the years. Thank you to my teachers, my parents, and my wife for helping me to complete my degree here. Good luck to everyone graduating, and Go Utes!

Michael Gonzales, MS

My family has been by my side through all these years of schooling. I am forever grateful for their support and encouragement along the way.

Kangwoo Yu, BS

English is definitely the hardest part of this major. PS: My name is not pronounced Kangwoo, It's Gong-oo

Kevin Tsao Hardy, BS

Growing up with the U basically in my back yard, I knew I would enjoy coming here, and these past 4 years the U did not disappoint. From building robots to compete in the ballroom, to late night labs in MEK, to DnD in the union, I have enjoyed my time here - next up graduation!

Adam M Poulsen, BS

If I'm ever the smartest person in the room, it will be because of my choice of people I've surrounded myself with through this degree. My wife, daughters, parents, in-laws, family, friends and classmates have made this achievement possible. Thank you all.

Sarah Haig Davis, BS

I really couldn't have done this without my parents, sister, boyfriend, and best friends. I love you all so much; thank you for everything you have done to help get me to this point! I truly couldn't have done it without the support and love you have given me.

Zackery Troy Harston, BS

Want to say thank you to my parents, family, and my friends for supporting me.

Omid Atlaschian, PhD

It is always tough to say goodbye, especially after years of study at the U. My good memories will always be with me, and those bad ones I will leave them here! I wish everyone health, happiness, and great success in what they deserve. Hope for more equal opportunities for all!

Fateme Esmailie, PhD

This is the best opportunity to thank my family and friends, who always supported me to follow my dreams. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my advisers Professor Ameel and Professor Francoeur for their expertise, feedback, time, and encouragement.

Adam Lundgren, BS

I'm grateful to have made the friends I have at this college and in this career, and I'm really happy we got through this degree together.

Alexander Chad Mcdonald, BS

Beyond happy have made it through. Thanks to everyone that was ever there for me.

Anas Abdulrahman, BS

Here comes the moment I was dreaming of 8yrs ago! I'm so grateful for being able to stand among these incredible collogues, thanks to the unconditional support and prayers I got from my wife and parents, the help from my classmates and friends, this is for all of you, thank you!

Aaron Guy Fowlks, BS

There were times I never thought this day would come, but I'm sure glad it finally has! Thanks to everyone who helped me get here, and for allowing me to follow my passions. Now the real work begins!

Mitchel Dennis Nelson, BS

Thank you U of U for giving me the opportunity to prove myself. Go Utes!

Dhruv Patel, PhD

Dillon Scott Watring, PhD

Mohammad Homayounpour, PhD

That was hard but fun! I will never forget beautiful Utah and all the good memories here!

Noah Robert Pearson, MS

Christopher John Clayton, BS

Don't let anyone or anything tell you who you are or what you can accomplish. You can do ANYTHING! Sometimes its so hard it seems impossible. Sometimes things are outrageously unfair. But never stop, and never lose focus, and never let go of the ones who love you.

Farshad Mogharrabi, MS

Despite all the ups and downs of life as a student, be patient, as the reward will be sweeter the more you went through to get to it.

Matthew R Mattucci, BS

I wouldn't be where I am today without the people that know who they are, thank you very much!

Alexa Marie Corsey, BS

I owe all my success to my parents who have continually supported me in all my endeavors. It was a rollercoaster to say the least, but I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that I had to pursue something I love. Thank you for everything!

Danial Laiq, MS

David E Usevitch, PhD

I would like to thank God, my family, fellow students, friends, and great faculty mentors for all their incredible support. I am honored to have had the opportunity for higher education. For now, please address me as "Doctor" until I fully recover.

Trevor J Schwehr, BS

It has been an amazing journey. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way!

Full College of Engineering Commencement Program

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