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Student Farewells

Faramarz Safazadeh, PhD

This moment seemed so far away, but it is here, and I can't believe that I did it. We all shared so many great memorable moments with fellow classmates, faculty members, and the staff while at the University of Utah. I wish everybody success in their endeavors.

Bradley Wallace Cottle, BS

It has been great to work with everyone and I wish everyone luck in the future!

Cori Lynn Klein, BS

Despite a global pandemic, constant earthquakes, and what is going to be the craziest finals week of all time, we did it. I am going to miss all of the amazing people I met and the memories I made. Thank you to all those who made these the best days of my life.

Joseph Wendell Crossley, BS

To my professors and my fellow students, thank you for believing in me and being willing to help. In just a few short years at the University of Utah, many doors of opportunity have opened up for me to pursue my career.

Tate M. Nielsen, BS

Thank you to my professors and friends I made at the U! I will always remember those great and rigorous times. I am so proud to be apart of the Civil Engineering graduating class. I am especially grateful for my family's support, I could not have made it without you. GO UTES!

Meilin Lu, BS

We graduated! Bye everyone I will miss you all.

Henrik Burns, MS

Thank you to my family, friends, thesis advisor, professors, and classmates for their guidance and encouragement during this exciting journey.

Rubayat Jamal, PhD

It was a wonderful journey here at the U! One person I would like to thank particularly is my supervisor Dr. Weidhaas, who has made me a better person. I will miss my friends, instructors, and a team of extremely helpful CVEEN staff members. I wish everyone nothing but the best!

Elizabeth Felix, BS

To my family, thank you for your endless support and love. To my husband, thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and my pillar of strength. To my professors from whom I have learned so much, thank you for making every class count. To my friends, we did it! Cheers!

Katrina L Brown, BS

I am so proud of my cohort for what we accomplished together! Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors. I am sure I will see many of you again. U of U 2020!!!

Marilyn O Rice, BS

Thank you to my wonderful professors and brilliant peers for making my collegiate experience unforgettable and for shaping me into an engineer.

Braden Scott Collingwood, BS

Graduation isn't the end of a tough journey, it is the beginning of a beautiful one! Thank you to all the professors, staff, teaching assistants, and classmates that have been apart of my journey at the University of Utah, it was a good one. Keep Utah Rad.

Hui Wang, MS

Grant Robertson Doty, BS

"I'm not your guy, buddy."

Theodore Bennett Gochnour, BS

"I'm not your buddy, guy"

Tye Carlile, MS

I didn’t think this time would ever come. I would like to thank my family for their never-ending support and my wife for being a single parent at times to our two wonderful children. I’m ready to move onto the next chapter. GO UTES!

Aditi Podder, MS

I came here for a Ph.D. and if God wants, I will leave with a Ph.D. One of my best achievements at the University of Utah is to get a Masters's degree on my way to the doctoral degree. Hard work does pay off!

Elsa Kathleen Gillespie, BS

Congrats to all the 2020 graduates, despite everything, we really did it! Thank you to all of my family, friends, study-buddies, professors, countless cups of coffee and so many others that helped me to get to this amazing milestone in my life!

Megan Perkins, MS

I am filled with gratitude having completed this step in my education. I can't wait to enter the industry to continue training to be a Structural Engineer. Thanks to all my classmates, instructors, co-workers and family making my experience at the U unforgettable. GO UTES!

Dipendra Thapa, MS

Three years at the U have been a beautiful experience for me with lots of memories for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye. I am thankful for all the peoples I have created memories with. All the very best for the future endeavors to fellow students.

Rochelle Plaizier, BS

"You don't have to be the best IN the world. Just do the best FOR the world." THANK YOU to the many amazing people who helped me get here!

Jake Slater, BS

Transferring to the U was the best step for my education and career. No matter what field of civil engineering we end up in, we are going to rock it!

Full College of Engineering Commencement Program

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