College of Engineering Convocation Ceremony

Friday, May 7, 2021
Rice Eccles Stadium, 5:00 p.m.

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Chemical Engineering Awards

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Honorary Students

Graduating Students

Student Farewells

Sid Agrawal, PhD

We made it through a crazy period and we know how to go through challenges. Always remember that when you are down. You will find a way out.

Matthew (R.T.) Williams, BS

Because of my family, friends, classmates, and professors, I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do at the U. Thank you to everyone, and I'm excited about the successes that my classmates and I will have as a result of our education.

Patrick Robinson, BS

I didn't think the moment would ever come when we would have to say goodbye. Goodbye to all the beautiful moments we shared together in the course of our studies at the U, I wish everybody well and great success in their future endeavors.

Fiona Redmond Hopewell, BS

Every single semester-end, since the start of this degree, I have told my parents that I am lucky the U has not kicked me out yet. My classmates and I joke about failing about as often as we speak, but alas, we made it! I am so proud of us and I am so thankful for U (wink wink).

Ari Yue, BS

I am so glad that I came to the Chemical Engineering program at the U. I have made lifelong friends within this major, without them I don't think I would be graduating with this degree. Most importantly I wanted to thank my family for being the biggest supporter!

Breanna Maria Barilec, BS

Thank you to all the friends, family, and professors who helped me these past four years. Thank you also to SWE for all the opportunities and support as a female in engineering. The study sessions and stress were worth it, I'm excited to see what the future holds for us all!

Jason Meister, BS

Thank you to my mom and dad for believing in me throughout my time here at the U. To my Chem E family, thank you for pushing me harder everyday to be a better person and to succeed in my studies. I cannot wait to see how you all advance the world further.

Marley Porter, BS

I want to say thank you to my classmates and the professors for being a constant help and support. I want to thank my family especially for continuing to encourage and push me.

Mackenzie Craig Morrison, BS

This never would have been possible without the constant love and support of my wife Ali, my parents, my in-laws, and my friends. Thank you all so much.

Gnimdo Raphael Abalo Tako, BS

My family and I made a lot of sacrifices so that I would be able to come to the US and pay my way through school. There's nothing I can ever do to repay them for helping me fulfill my purpose in life. My success belongs to them, and I will pay it forward. Akpe na énon.

Schuyler Caleb Mcfall, BS

You have all helped me grow with wisdom, education, and purpose: mom, grandparents, Dr. Butterfield, Dr. Ring, Dr. Eddings, Jesse Reeves, and Bjorn Vaagensmith - Thank you

Christina Nicole Willis, PhD

I am so incredibly thankful to all my friends and family that have made this moment possible. I have loved my time at this wonderful school and can't wait to take the next step and make my Utes proud!

Colton Dixon, BS

Yeet. I cant believe I have done this and thanks to all the people who have gotten me here. Mom, dad, Grandma, Papa, my teamers, s at an, and my fellow classmates.

Carlos Vega-ortiz, PhD

It has been quite a journey, the most rewarding ever. Thanks for being there. Gracias familia, amig@s, colegas por todo el apoyo, consejos, historias, oportunidades, etc. GRACIAS TOTALES!!, EXITOS!!!

Full College of Engineering Commencement Program

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