Biomedical Engineering Award Recipients

Outstanding Dissertation

Daria Anderson

Dissertation entitled: "Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation Programming to Guide Selective Neural Targeting."

Undergraduate Awards

Zach Zundel

BME Undergraduate Research Award

Jennifer Novy

BME Undergraduate Leadership Award

Honorary Students

Graduating Students

Student Farewells

Jessica Mathews, BS

It has been a wonderful, challenging, crazy, four years. I am excited to be moving on to the next stage, but sad to see this one go, especially in such an odd way. I will miss you all! Thanks for helping me get through these years. I wish you all a bright and happy future!

Brekka Weng, BS

I wasn’t prepared for this.

Katie Warthen, PhD

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along this journey and I wish you all well!

Alan Christopher Dayley, MS

This has been a tremendous experience and a memorable one. I have learned and grown alongside amazing peers and mentors. Thank you for making this opportunity amazing and good luck to everyone in your future endeavors at this interesting time in our lives.

Lauren Cardon Ericksen, BS

We survived signals, systems+phys, AND COVID-19 interuptions--we can do anything now! Thank you for all the late night homework support, the laughs, and friendship. And of course, a special thanks to my husband who is the best support system a woman could ask for

Niloofar Farhang, PhD

I am thankful for the great mentorship I had during my PhD from Dr. Bowles he was an excellent mentor. I also want to thank friends family and fellow students in the lab. I couldn't have done it without you :)

John Robert Nelson, MS

I thank God that he has blessed so many people with so many different abilities. May we each use the gifts we've been given to lift those around us.

Christopher A Reynolds, BS

Congratulations to my fellow classmates on finishing our degrees! It has been challenging and rewarding. I am excited to further my education by training as a Medical Doctor starting this fall. Thank you to the faculty and support system that has allowed me to succeed. Go Utes!

Nathaniel Ray Olsen, BS

I have loved my experiences at the U and am excited to continue my education here in pursuit of a PhD in mechanical engineering. I am so grateful to my wife and teammate Carina for her continued support!

Xun Yu, BS

书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟----- 韩愈 Diligence paves the roads up to the mountains of knowledge, hard works are the boats for the voyage across the ocean of learning ----- yu han

Sridharan Radhakrishnan, BS

I was really looking forward to saying goodbye to everyone in person, but in order to keep everyone safe it's not possible. However, we as graduating engineering students are ready to face challenges the world has yet to solve, and I am confident in our ability. Good luck.

Naredos Habtamu Almaw, BS

First and foremost, I'd like to thank God for helping me accomplish my goals. I’m also grateful to my family, for their unwavering love and support. Finally, I'd like to thank my professors, advisors, mentors, and peers who have directly or indirectly contributed to my……

Sara L Johnson, PhD

My graduate studies have been full of unique experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Thank you to everyone who has offered me support, guidance, and free coffee throughout my time here. Excited for what's next!

Chantel Marie Charlebois, MS

Braden Fallon, BS

Looking back, the last four years have flown by and I cannot believe this day has come. I have made countless memories and have amazing family and friends at my side. My success would not be possible without them. I look forward to these future years and whatever they may hold.

Joshua Yang Green, BS/MS

Nobody: Every Engineering Grad: tHoSe WeRe ThE lOnGeSt, MoSt DiFfiCulT YeArS Of My LiFe.

Enrique Coca Frias, BS

Thank you to the efforts of staff and professors in providing a good learning experience. Big thanks to friends and classmates for the laughs to make this a great academic experience. And finally, big thanks to my family and God for their love and support. Go Utes!

Spencer Husein Kenneth Sawas, BS

Thank you to all of my classmates and professors for making these last 4 years as fulfilling as possible. I cannot believe how fast it's gone by, but this time surely won't be forgotten. Our future's are bright and I can't wait to see how we all impact the world in our own way.

Dylan James Blair, BS/MS

It felt as if this day would never come, but here it is. Thank you to faculty I have interacted with along the way to help groom my skills. Thank you to all of my classmates who have become close friends of mine for sharing the struggles, and for the nerd-out sessions.

Ryan W Shelton, BS

So many great peers. I can't wait to see where life takes us.

Kevin M Castell, BS

"People gotta wash dey hands a cuppa times a day." --Beetlejuice Green

Jesus Trochez, BS

Kenneth Richard Hubbard, MS

Congrats to all my fellow graduates!

Sean Christopher Ermer, PhD

Thank you to all my family and friends who have been there for me along the way. I wouldn't be here without you.

Devan James Anderson, BS

Michael David Paskett, MS

Chase Spencer, MS

Another step forward and defining experience. Thank you, Kayla, and Edith, for your patience, love, and support these last few years, always making the journey better than the destination. One more adventure checked off the list, with still so many to go!

Travis Scott Neuberger, BS

Stay safe, wear a mask.

Miriam E Vail, BS

Well I'm an engineer now. Funnily enough, my dogs can't seem to tell that I'm bursting with intelligence. They're just happy I'm home.

Jenna Rose Novy, BS

Eric Kiyoshi Tokita, BS

Life's a team sport. Thanks to my family, friends, and mentors for all your help!

Full College of Engineering Commencement Program

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