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These recorded presentations were created from our recent annual “Engineering Day” event on Saturday, November 21, 2020. We invite you to watch, share and explore all of the variety of engineering topics and majors that our college has to offer.

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The Dean’s Welcome

Learn more about the College and get a great overview.


The bioDesign lab at the University of Utah serves as the makerspace used by undergraduate and graduate students as they design and develop novel medical devices to treat unmet needs in the clinic. During this virtual tour, you will see a short presentation about clinical innovation followed by various demonstrations of prototyping technologies used in biomedical engineering. The processes followed in the lab parallel current design control process utilized by leading Medtech companies.

Biomedical Engineering

Careers based on a biomedical engineering are among the most diverse of any program, including medicine, dentistry, industry, entrepreneurship, law, and numerous fields in academia. Such a program creates opportunities but also challenges to students to find their path. The goal of this discussion is to explain these opportunities and suggest how even a complex and exploratory path is compatible with the biomedical engineering discipline and our program.

Civil and Construction Engineering Majors

Learn more about Civil and Construction Engineering Majors.

Blood Vessel Damage and Injury

Blood vessels play a critical role in maintaining brain health by delivering nutrients and removing waste products. But these vessels may be damaged by events like traumatic brain injury and surgical procedures. This may lead to bleeding in the brain, but even in the absence of bleeding, injured vessels may lose ability to continue to perform their function properly, leading to persistent deficiencies in brain function and possible stroke. A better understanding of vessel response to injury is critical to development of improved treatments for injury and to refinement of medical procedures.

Computer Engineering – Building Smart and Powerful Machines and Devices for the Future

Computer Engineering is a discipline that encompasses the design, implementation and pro-gramming of computers, computer-controlled systems and applications. It is a diverse field that lies at the cross-roads of electronics, computing, communications and mathematics. Computer engineering is an enabler of new technologies and applications, and the discipline leads the way in innovations in autonomous and embedded systems that are benefiting the society. Join us to find out about the unique and exciting facets of the Computer Engineering program at the U. Learn about the computer engineering inventions that have emanated from the UofU, from gaming to computer graphics and beyond. Find out about the focus of our pro-gram on experiential learning and design, and how it provides you with the skills to innovate and invent intelligent systems of the future. Hear from computer engineering students about their experience at the UofU. In this session, we will discuss “What is Computer Engineering at the UofU?”, and how it will put you on a rewarding career pathway for a bright future.

What is Computer Science

We will discuss the field of computer science and opportunities for CS majors during college and after graduation. This is a quick overview of the CS major and different options for study.

Computer Science Student Panel

This panel session will have students who have had internships with tech companies, research assistant positions with SoC faculty, teaching assistant positions, and who are active in various STEM clubs. Learn what life for a CS student is really like, and why being in the School of Computing can prepare you for a rewarding career after college!

Data Science

This presentation will attempt to answer this question, in several ways. How it is related to AI and machine learning and understanding the world? How is it used in industry? What is a data scientist? and what do they do? (Hint: they have cool jobs, make money, and in Utah). What educational opportunities do we have at the U? This will including information about our new Bachelors in Data Science and Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science, each among the first in the country!

Resilient City through Regional Hazard Simulation and Inference

What decision have you made during or immediately after the March 18th earthquake? Did you try to excavate, or maybe you decided to stay? Were you concerned whether your house was safe to stay? Where was the closest shelter? Did you worry about if there would be a second wave? If so, have you thought about the safety condition of your house?

Electrical Engineering – Why Utah Needs High Tech

Utah is home to one of the country’s most vibrant high tech economies. Electrical engineers are in great demand, and our graduates have a starting salary average of $70,000and 99% employment. Strong opportunities exist in clean energy, smart grid, solar cells, medical devices, robotics, advanced communication systems (5G, satellite communication, and beyond), wireless communications, software, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and more. Find out more about what Utah’s employers are looking for, how to develop your skills through traditional education and learn to apply them in undergraduate internships, research opportunities, and entrepreneurship experience. Learn how electrical engineering provides an excellent stepping stone to careers in law, medicine, and business. We’ll focus on Utah, but will also share where national and international opportunities are headed, and some of the more interesting (and unexpected!) places you can take your electrical engineering career (like Antarctica!). In this session, we’ll discuss “What is Electrical Engineering” as well as how you can prepare for a strong career by completing our program here at the University of Utah.

Electrical Engineering – Career Opportunities

Electrical and Computer Engineering is an exciting career with opportunities in every high tech sector – aerospace, medical innovation, communication, power and renewable energy, robotics, nanotechnology, and more. It is also an excellent segway to programs in patent law, innovation and entrepreneurship, and medical professions. Come find out more about the ECE program at the University of Utah, and how you can get involved in innovations in this exciting area early in your undergraduate program.

Entertainment Arts & Engineering

Learn what makes B.S. in Games one of the top game development programs in the country. This session will provide details about our undergraduate degree options, our curriculum, and what our students go on to do after graduation.

Ergnomics- Science and Engineering Help us Prevent Injuries to the Human Body

Visitors will be introduced to the principles of ergonomic design, safety between human-robot collaborators and 3D motion analysis to study human movement and prevent injuries. Virtual Reality and Biomechanics to prevent injuries will highlight new capabilities during virtual training and fall prevention.

College of Engineering First-Year Students

Learn more about admissions, scholarships and engineering living and learning communities.

Toward a real-World Luke Skywalker: Restoring Restoring Naturalistic Sensorimotor Function after Hand Amputation

Our overall goal is to attach a dexterous, sensorized prosthetic arm to a user’s own remaining neuromuscular system after hand amputation—Luke-Skywalker style—to restore naturalistic sensorimotor function. The person could then achieve dexterous, intuitive motor control over a high-degree-of-freedom bionic arm, such as the DEKA LUKE arm. The user could also receive the feelings of touch and movement back from the arm—and ideally even begin to feel whole again.

Mechanical Engineering

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering will expose you to many different types of engineering and will allow you to be inventive and creative. In this session we will talk about courses and hands-on projects that you will experience as a Mechanical Engineering major. We will talk about what you can do to prepare for the major and answer questions about the admissions, enrollment, and course. Come learn what it would be like to major in Mechanical Engineering here at the U!

Smart Mobility Systems with Connected Autonomous Vehicles

With the recent advancement of information, communication, and automation technologies, transportation engineering is now entering the era of smart mobility. For improving the efficiency of services, smart mobility systems usually integrate communication technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) in a secure way to manage various automated entities. The IoT is the network of devices that are connected and communicating with each other to perform certain tasks, without requirement of human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Student Panel

Current engineering students will share their experiences and give advice to future students. A Q&A session is also included.

Transfer Students

Find out about transferring to the College of Engineering at the University of Utah.


Transportation engineering is a branch of civil engineering that is concerned with planning, design, operation, and maintenance of safe and efficient transportation systems. These systems include roadways, railways, waterways, and intermodal operations. Typically, the demand is the amount of traffic (people, cars, railcars, barges) that is expected to use a particular transportation facility, while the supply is the quantity and type of infrastructure components (roadways, bridges, pavements, etc.). These systems are typically large and expensive.

General Admission Requirements

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