The University of Utah’s Department of Mechanical Engineering held its biannual Design Day event in the Student Union Nov. 30, showing off some of the many senior projects under development. This year, 11 projects were on display for the public.

Some of the projects included:

IV Pole  — Students have redesigned the medical IV pole by allowing it to supply power to medical equipment while managing the different cords from the medical devices.

Smart Insole — A shoe insole complete with sensors that provides on-the-job data from the user on movement, including lifting.

Mechanical Inerter for Seismic Events — A new design for structures that converts linear motion to rotational motion and stores the energy in a flywheel. The storage of this energy can be used to effectively dampen vibrations.

Robot Rec Room — An interactive art exhibit with four animatronic robots that perform actions to tell a story of the room.

Robotic Test Stand Arm — A six-degrees-of-freedom robotic arm used in a material testing laboratory. The arm can be operated both by voice and a graphical user interface.

Click below to see photos of some of the projects. Click here to see a list of all of the projects under development.