Congratulations to University of Utah College of Engineering student Anna Bell, who received the student 2021 Women Tech Award from the Women Tech Council (WTC).

Bell, who is working toward a degree in data science in the School of Computing, was one of eight people honored this year. She received the Student Pathway Award, given to an undergraduate student “in the midst of their STEM degree for their promising work and dedication.” The other awards were given to community leaders and innovators for “their impact on the technology sector and economy and their community contributions.” Click here to see a list of all the recipients.

The awards, now in their 14th year, are designed to bring visibility to women who create new technologies, drive innovation, impact tech companies and inspire the technology community.

“As we all face unprecedented circumstances, it’s critical that we help those around us accelerate through these difficulties, especially women who are disproportionately impacted by these events,” said Cydni Tetro, president of WTC. “Small measures to give visibility, expand a network, offer mentoring or create opportunities make individual and collective impact, and can change the trajectory of people’s careers and the technology ecosystem.”

Bell is a data science student actively engaged in research. She is known for her drive and ability to think deeply on a micro scale in the context of project work as well as on a macro scale in how technology impacts the broader world. Prior to her focus on STEM, she studied philosophy in ancient civilizations, which led her to identify similarities in issues needing to be addressed in today’s society. She is now using data science as a powerful tool for investigating big questions and finding solutions to social problems. She also takes every opportunity to introduce non-computer science students to programming and serves as an example and mentor to other young women pursuing STEM. After graduating, Bell plans to pursue a Ph.D., teach others as a professor and become an innovator and contributor to private projects.

The Women Tech Council is a national organization focused on the economic impact of women in the technology sector through developing programs that propel the economic pipeline from K-12 to the C-suite. WTC offers mentoring, visibility, opportunities and networking to more than 10,000 women and men working in technology to create business environments focused on inclusivity and high performance.