As part of the University of Utah’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19), the following measures are being taken by our college:

  1. Classes are canceled March 16 and 17 (does not apply to Utah Asia Campus)
  2. Classes move to online learning starting March 18 for the rest of the semester (does not apply to Utah Asia Campus)
  3. Large university-sponsored events are restricted to fewer than 100 people
  4. All university-related business travel for faculty, staff, and students is restricted through April 30, 2020

For further details and updates, please check the university’s COVID-19 website.

College of Engineering’s complementary response:

  1. Online course creation: Faculty can find help for putting your course online at  Call the TLT help desk at 844-527-032 or go to Canvas Live Support Chat.
  2. Travel: All faculty, staff and students who are international travelers on university-affiliated travel (except those at our Asia Campus) are required to return home immediately through April 13.
  3. Work on campus: Campus will remain open and operational. We expect faculty and staff members to continue to do their work in their university offices through this period, except those who should work from home for legitimate health reasons. (do faculty have to work in their offices? Can they work from home if they don’t need to be on campus?)
  4. Stay home: Stay home if you feel sick.
  5. Self-quarantine: If you are returning after spring break from any location with a high incidence of the coronavirus, please contact MedRed and your supervisor, and self-quarantine for two weeks by working from home.
  6. Advising appointments: On-line advising appointments should be made available to students. 
  7. Meetings: Meetings of more than 100 participants are now prohibited. Think about whether all meetings, regardless of size, require a face-to-face meeting, or whether it is practical to meet through videoconferencing.
  8. Labs: While classes will all be on-line (recorded, rather than streamed), there are some laboratory experiences that are difficult to replace with an on-line version.  It is possible to get an exception to the policy and still hold a lab class, but these will have to be approved by the dean and provost.

For the full Dean’s message click here.

Resource Links:

  1. University of Utah’s COVID-19 website.
  2. Dr. Michael Good, CEO of University of Utah Health discusses current information regarding COVID-19.
  3. University of Utah Research Community Updates
  4. State of Utah Updates:
  5. CDC Updates: