More than 30 video games under development by students in the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering were on display during the program’s “EAE Play” event Dec. 6. The day allows the public to see projects including graduate student thesis games, undergraduate capstone projects, and first-semester graduate student prototypes.

There were also demonstrations of EAE’s motion-capture studio (where human movement is recorded for animation), video from the program’s machinima classes (computer animation produced from video game engines), and a visit from some members of EAE’s Utah Esports team.

“EAE Play is a terrific opportunity for our students and faculty to show their amazing work,” says EAE Director Michael Young. “From student-built entertainment games to serious games for health to new technologies around game creation and design, EAE Play highlights the academics, research and broader relevance of games at the U.”

Students from the University of Utah’s Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab (The GApp Lab) also demonstrated therapeutic games under development that are focused on health and education. They included games to help with depression, trauma and training for social workers.

It was also the first year the event opened up an entire second floor of EAE’s studio to show off the projects, a sign of the program’s amazing growth. Click below to see a gallery of photos from the day.