The University of Utah alumni magazine has now launched with a new name and new look. What was once called Continuum is now University of Utah Magazine, which profiles all of the great news and dedicated research that is going on in the state’s largest public university.

And in the premiere edition of the magazine, the lead research story is on the inspired work of U biomedical engineering associate professor Greg Clark and his team, who are developing new technologies for the LUKE Arm, a prosthetic for amputees. Clark and his team have developed a way for the “LUKE Arm” (so named after the robotic hand that Luke Skywalker got in “The Empire Strikes Back”) to mimic the way a human hand feels objects by sending the appropriate signals to the brain. Their findings were published in a new paper co-authored by U biomedical engineering doctoral student Jacob George, former doctoral student David Kluger, Clark and other colleagues in the latest edition of the journal Science Robotics.

To read the University of Utah Magazine story, click here.