Student video game developers from the College of Engineering’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering program showed off their games during the annual “EAE Launch” April 24.

The event, held at EAE’s studios on campus, allowed the public to try out the games, which will be published online later this year. Some of the titles on display included:

Hard Light Vector: A 3D first-person action game where players traverse an alien environment and fight to protect the memories of the dead from corruption.

Hocus Potions: A social simulation game about friendship and magic. Gather and grow ingredients, brew powerful potions, and help — or hinder — the local townsfolk while the player becomes a powerful witch.

Sky Shepherd: An atmospheric adventure game where the player is the lone survivor of a sky-faring tribe. Use a flute to round up a herd of mysterious creatures and explore the sky with them.

Ride.Share: A mobile augmented-reality game where the player controls a fleet of self-driving rideshare cars.

Entertainment Arts and Engineering, under the U’s College of Engineering, launched in 2007 and has quickly become one of the most highly-regarded video game development programs in the nation. EAE has been ranked the No. 1 video game program in the nation for three of the last six years by the Princeton Review.

Click, below to see a photo gallery of the day’s activities.