Welcome to the University of Utah’s College of Engineering! We’re sure the new school year will bring plenty of exciting and inspiring opportunities as you move forward in your engineering education.

For new students, there are many valuable resources to help you navigate through your first year. Your go-to section on the College of Engineering website for a list of these resources is the “Students” tab on the top of the home page. That will list web pages for academic advising, scholarships and other financial aid, diversity programs and resources, tutoring, and more. You can also click here to view a list of academic advisors in the dean’s office that can answer questions you may have.

The “Departments” tab on the top of the home page can direct you to the websites for each of the college’s seven engineering departments, which have more specific resources for students in those disciplines.

Finally, below is a flyer of upcoming student events hosted by the college that can help you become more engaged and enrich your experience here in the College of Engineering. Good luck for the new year!