Not one but two alumni from the College of Engineering will receive the University of Utah’s annual Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017.

School of Computing assistant professor Miriah Meyer and entrepreneur David Jorgensen will receive the awards during the university’s Founders Day in March.

Meyer earned her doctorate in computer science from the U in 2008 and became a USTAR assistant professor in 2011. She also is a faculty member in the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. Her research focuses on the design of visualization systems to help make sense of complex data. She will receive the Distinguished Young Alumni Award.

David Jorgensen graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1961 and became a successful entrepreneur and investor. He became the chief executive officer of a high-tech market research firm and co-founded a company which provided replacement parts and supplies for copiers and printers.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards are given out by the University of Utah’s Alumni Association to recognize those who have excelled professionally and served in local and national communities. Four are given out each year along with an award for Honorary Alumni.

The other two recipients for 2017 include health executive Pamela Cipriano and attorney Alan Sullivan. WordPerfect co-founder Bruce Bastion will receive the association’s honorary alumni award.

(To see 78-year-old daredevil David Jorgensen bungie jump off a bridge in New Zealand last November, click the video below)