U alum and inventor Dolly (Holt) Casper’s company NovaBio Technologies won the grand prize and $150,000 at the international OneStart competition recently.

NovaBio, formerly known as Ligadon, is developing a coil-shaped and biodegradeable device that holds together tendons and ligaments like a “Chinese finger trap.” It distributes tension, decreasing risk of reruptures and the need for revision surgeries after ligament and tendon repair. This device can also prevent muscle atrophy by reducing the need for post-operative immobilization.

Holt invented the device while earning a Doctorate in bioengineering.

“OneStart was an incredible competition that provided intense mentoring as well as a $150K non-dilutive cash prize,” Casper said. “We have a lean development path and this award will enable us to complete bench top mechanical tests and a small animal in vivo study necessary to move forward.”

Watch NovaBio’s competition video here:

Casper is CEO and founder of NovaBio. She is joined by Phil Casper (COO) and Derek Jewell, who also has a bioengineering degree from the U.

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