Bryan-JeffA pair of engineering undergraduates at the University of Utah have created a new way to educate high school and university students about nanotechnology.

Jeff Thomas, a senior civil engineering major, and Bryan Tran, a junior mechanical engineering major, created teaching materials and corresponding demonstration microchips to teach high school and university students basic scaling engineering concepts related to the way physical rules change and operate when designing at the micro- and nano-scale, which is 1 to 1000 micrometers

“In high school, students have to take a computer course to be technologically competent. The idea with the materials we’ve developed is to teach students how to use the next generation of technology and how to design intuitively in the world of the small” said Thomas.

“Nano and microtechnology are used in everything. From the cellphones in our pockets to air bag sensors in our cars, an increasing number of devices are the products of nano and microtechnology.”

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