Student video game developers from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) video game program have won Best Student Game in the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge in Orlando. The award was announced Thursday, Dec. 4, for their two-player action game, “Cyber Heist.”

The PC game is a heart-stopping adventure where two players who portray college students try to infiltrate the Department of Education in the year 2114 to erase their student debt from the agency’s computers. One player controls a student who sneaks through the building in a first-person perspective, trying to avoid security drones, while the second player uses an overhead map to act as a guide. The point of the game is to help players use good communication skills and teamwork to succeed.

In addition to winning Best Student Game, the winning students also received $30,000 worth of Autodesk 3D modeling software.

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