On Saturday, Oct. 11, about 500 high school students and their parents arrived at the University of Utah to learn how the College of Engineering can take their education to new heights.

For Engineering Day 2014, which was sponsored by Rio Tinto, local students were invited to come talk to engineering faculty, view fascinating demonstrations in science and technology, and get a taste of what it’s like to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Utah.

“We’re delighted to have so many students showing an interest in engineering,” said Richard Brown, dean of the University of Utah College of Engineering. “One of our goals here at the University of Utah is to grow engineering. And in fact, if you go back to 1999, we have more than doubled the number of students who are graduating. Local industry is delighted about that.”

The students were able participate in hands-on demonstrations and tour many of the research labs including the Utah Traffic Lab, the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program where independent video games are made, and the nanomaterials synthesis lab.

“It can really make a difference in their choices about what career to pursue,” Brown said about the event. “I’m sure this is the largest turnout we’ve ever had.”

Engineering Day is just one of several ways academic advisors reach out to local students to show them the advantages of the U’s engineering college. The campus also hosts field trips, and advisors attend local schools to give presentations.

The U’s College of Engineering undergraduate program has moved up the U.S. News & World Report America’s Best Colleges ranking and was listed 57th in the country for 2015.

Engineering Day 2014 – In Pictures