Miriah Meyer, University of Utah assistant professor of computer science, has received the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award.

“I am extremely grateful for this grant as it will allow me to pursue a new area of research, as well as to establish several new collaborations with faculty across campus,” says Meyer.

This five-year, $400,000 award will support development of widely-applicable techniques for visualizing and interacting with multivariate graphs, which involve many distinct, though not usually independent, random variables. This research will focus on applying these techniques to cancer biology, urban transportation and particle physics.

Meyer is a USTAR faculty member in the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, and studies the design of visualization systems for helping scientists make sense of complex data. She was named a 2013 TED Fellow and a PopTech Science Fellow for 2013, among other honors.

Her efforts for the NSF CAREER award will form the “foundation of software tools for visualizing multivariate graphs that effectively support exploration and sense-making of these complex data types by taking into account the varied relationships embedded within.”

Learn more about Meyer’s project at: mvgraphs.sci.utah.edu