Richard J. (R.J.) Porter, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, received the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2014 ExCEEd New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award. The ExCEEd, or Excellence in Civil Engineering Education, award recognizes Porter for his outstanding teaching record, commitment to education and contributions to the academic and local communities since joining the University of Utah in 2009.

“Having the ASCE recognize me with a national teaching award is an incredible honor. I love teaching engineering at the U,” says Porter. “As the first in my family to attend any type of college, my original and very practical goal was a secure profession, one step up in job security above the generations of hard-working coal miners that preceded me. Civil engineering provided that opportunity and has led to so many wonderful life experiences. I try to put all of my effort into preparing our students — my future colleagues — so that they have these opportunities and experiences as well. It is very nice to receive this recognition from ASCE indicating that I’m on the right track.”

Porter leads U faculty and students in research at the Utah Traffic Lab to ensure motorist safety and reduce congestion.

He will receive a plaque commemorating the award in June during the Civil Engineering Division Banquet at the annual American Society for Engineering Education conference in Indianapolis.

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