University of Utah materials scientist and engineer, Anil Virkar, is the 2013 recipient of The American Ceramic Society’s John Jeppson Award. The society recognizes Virkar for advancing ceramics though science, technology and engineering.

Virkar, a distinguished professor of Materials Science and Engineering, is linked to more than 40 patents as inventor or co-inventor. The member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) is also a co-founder or founding member of several startups including Ceramatec, Inc., Materials and Systems Research, Inc. and Versa Power Systems. Virkar also is the director of the U’s National Science Foundation Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on plasmonics and spintronics. The center develops new materials for a broad spectrum of next-generation devices ranging from computers to solar cells.

Virkar’s research interests include ionic and electronic conductors, fuel cells, batteries, solid state electrochemistry, renewable energy, sensors, transport, thermodynamics of high-temperature materials and fracture of materials. This diversity enabled him to author or coauthor more than 250 research articles. He is listed in as one of the most highly cited researchers in the world in the area of Materials Science since 2001.

Virkar will receive the John Jeppson Award at the society’s 115th annual meeting and banquet, Oct. 28 in Montréal, Canada.

About The American Ceramic Society and John Jeppson Award

Founded in 1898, The American Ceramic Society is the professional membership organization for international ceramics and materials scientists, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators and students. Drawing members from 60 countries, it serves the informational, educational, and professional needs of over 6,000 members and provides access to periodicals and books, meetings and expositions, and technical information.

The John Jeppson award, established in 1958, honors the ceramics pioneer, born in 1844, whose work in forming and firing, was a driving force in developing some of the first ceramic grinding wheels. He was also the founder of Norton Company. Jeppson’s work formed the basis for the subsequent growth of an important segment of the ceramic industry. The annual award recognizes distinguished scientific, technical or engineering achievements.

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