The School of Computing’s Miriah Meyer has been chosen as a 2013 PopTech Science Fellow. The PopTech Fellows program aims to “accelerate the impact of emerging innovators and scientists working to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.”

Meyer, a USTAR assistant professor in the School of Computing, is one of 11 Science Fellows recognized by PopTech this year. An additional 11 Social Innovation Fellows were also selected by the non-profit organization, which brings together innovators from around the world in different fields of study to “share insights and work together to create lasting change.”

The PopTech Fellows will meet October 19-26 near Camden, Maine to present at the PopTech annual conference. Fellows receive broad exposure at this event to help amplify the impact of their scientific research and professional profile.

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At the U, Meyer designs visualization systems combining novel mathematical models with principles from perception, design and human-computer interaction to shed light on complex data sets. She was named a TED Fellow for 2013, and received a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship last year.

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