Joseph (Joey) Brink, a mechanical engineering graduate student at
the University of Utah, has been named a 2013 NASA Space Technology
Research Fellow. Brink is one of just 65 graduate students in the U.S.
to receive this honor.

NASA Space Technology Research Fellows are chosen based on the
innovative nature of their research. The fellowship provides students
with opportunities to build skills necessary to become future
technological leaders by sponsoring graduate students in relevant space
technology disciplines at their respective institutions.

In addition to his faculty advisor, mechanical engineering professor
Jake Abbott, Brink will also be matched with a researcher in his field
who will serve as his professional advisor. Brink’s research focuses on
the Omnimagnet telerobotic manipulation system, designed and developed
by U mechanical engineering graduate student Andrew Petruska and Abbott
in 2012. This manipulation system relieves astronauts of tedious routine
maintenance tasks and highly dangerous extra-vehicular activity.

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